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Jaula metro RSL
-9 %
Cage for breeding and exhibition RSL zinc of 4 departments.   Made of solid structure and high quality materials. Practical and resistant cage for breeding.   Accessories are included in the photo.   Dimensions of each cabin: 100 cm. (width) x 42 cm. (height) x 34.5 cm. (dept..
85.00€ 93.50€
Ex Tax:70.25€
Jaula metro RSL Blanca
-9 %
White RSL breeding and exhibition cage with 4 departments.Made with solid structure and high quality materials. Practical and resistant cage for breeding.The accessories exposed in the photo are included.Dimensions of each cabin: 100 cm. (width) x 42 cm. (height) x 34.5 cm. (depth)Free shipping to t..
85.00€ 93.50€
Ex Tax:70.25€
Comedero gigante pajarera
-17 %
Kiki insecticida- antiparasitario para pájaros 200 mililitros
-10 %
K.O. Kiki birds antiparacito insecticide-1L   Insecticide outside environmental use.   Prevents asthma   Against all kinds of external parasites   Antiparasitic Excellent for outdoor use. It is harmless to birds (canaries, budgies, finches, etc.) cautioning against as..
5.85€ 6.50€
Ex Tax:4.83€
Kiki insecticida - antiparasitario pájaros 1000 ML
-10 %
Kiki insecticide- antiparasitic for birds 1000 milliliters- Excellent antiparasite for outdoor use- Harmless to the bird- Apply externally on infected areas, repeating if necessary every 7 days..
11.65€ 12.95€
Ex Tax:9.63€
Pencil flashlight for eggs Pencil flashlight for eggs
-29 %
Pencil flashlight to inspect the eggs of birds. Ideal to look inside the egg, see if it is fertilized and also ensure that the embryo is in good condition.   Very easy to use and manage thanks to its small size makes it easy for observation.   It has a powerful light to observe in de..
3.51€ 4.95€
Ex Tax:2.90€
Giant aviary drinker
-17 %
Drinker giant aviary, 1000 ml/20 cm This source can be perfectly used for aviaries. The source is 20 cm high and has a capacity para1000 ml. The birds always have fresh water...
9.95€ 11.95€
Ex Tax:8.22€
Comedero lujo 2GR / 147 Verde
-5 %
Plastic bowl of great quality, available in green, 2GR 147.   Measurements: 7.5 width x 4.5 depth x 8 height..
0.56€ 0.59€
Ex Tax:0.46€
Ropa B - Electro Sol
-10 %
Ropa B electro sol is a potent solution that contains electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins and that ensures a fast and balanced recovery of the liquid after an extreme physical performance or after a disease (diarrhea).   The electrolytes ensure that the liquid is absorbed more quickly and..
13.45€ 14.96€
Ex Tax:12.23€
BACTERIGEL G-3 (Bactericida Coronavirus)
-23 %
BACTERIGEL G-3Self-drying hydroalcoholic solution for skin and handsDESCRIPTION:Antiseptic for the healthy skin of patients and for the pre-surgical rubbing of the sanitary technical personnel.METHOD OF USE AND DOSAGE:Preoperative surgical treatment: Apply the pure product (3 ml)always on healthy, c..
9.95€ 12.95€
Ex Tax:8.22€
Tollisan Dosto Ropadeno 1 litro (Desinfeccion del agua)
-12 %
Tollisan Dosto Ropadeno 1 liter (Water disinfection)Tollisan Dosto RopAdeno, a revolutionary product in the section of disinfection of drinking water for your birdsIt guarantees a total disinfection of the water, eliminating bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogensHOW TO USE:- Dilute 10 ml of pr..
26.50€ 29.95€
Ex Tax:21.90€
Tollisan PH-Control 1L (garantiza agua sin gérmenes)
-12 %
TOLLISAN PH-CONTROL 1L (WATER WITHOUT GERMS)Tollisan PH-Control 1, a combination of highly active acids that disinfect drinking water and prevent the proliferation of germs. for pigeons and birdsPh control is a very important aspect; too high a pH level poses a very high risk for the appearance of e..
11.65€ 13.25€
Ex Tax:9.63€
Diptron Aves Ornamentales 1 litro Diptron Aves Ornamentales 1 litro
-36 %
Diptron Ornamental Birds 1 literTreatment of mite infestations in ornamental birds.Efficacy against mites for 21 days.DIPTRÓN® Aves Ornamentales is based on Fipronil, an insecticide / miticide that belongs to the Phenylpyrazole family.It acts on the nervous system of the mites generating an uncontro..
24.95€ 38.95€
Ex Tax:22.68€
Flamingo Juguete Heli para Periquitos
-43 %
Extra seat in the cage, With metal suspension system, Delicious to chew, Oscillating effect, Natural balance training, Easy to hang..
4.99€ 8.69€
Ex Tax:4.12€
Backs Bierhefe 800 gr (levadura de cerveza enriquecida con vitaminas y aminoácidos)
-13 %
Backs Bierhefe 800 gr (brewer's yeast enriched with vitamins and amino acids)INDICATIONS.Compound based on brewer's yeast enriched with vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals.COMPOSITION:- Vitamins- Oligo-elements- Enzyme- Amino-acids- Calcium- PhosphorusINSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:It is recommended ..
8.40€ 9.65€
Ex Tax:7.64€
Backs Backsi-Gen 250 ml (levadura de cerveza líquida)
-10 %
Backs Backsi-Gen 250 ml, (liquid brewer's yeast)Backs Backsi-Gen is a 100% natural product based on liquid brewer's yeast.Backsi-Gen contains all the amino acids necessary for muscle function and plumage, and is rich in vitamins B, E and C, as well as enzymes necessary for the metabolism of fats and..
14.35€ 15.95€
Ex Tax:13.05€
Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver  - Elimina parásitos externos
-6 %
Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver - Eliminates external parasitesEliminates external parasites - 100% natural and biological- Highly effective products against all types of mites, especially red and black mites. - Also eliminates other external parasites. - 100% natural and biological. - Non..
15.50€ 16.50€
Ex Tax:14.09€
Sitrici BVP 1L (cuidado y regeneración de la flora intestinal)
-20 %
Sitrici BVP 1L - BelgavetSitrici BVP from Belgavet is a 100% natural compound, based on plant extracts, with very beneficial properties for the care and regeneration of the intestinal flora in pigeons and birds.INDICATIONS:- Regenerates the intestinal flora.- Helps prevent infections.- Prevents high..
19.95€ 24.95€
Ex Tax:18.14€
Belgavet Tzurex 400 grs (para una flora intestinal perfecta) Belgavet Tzurex 400 grs (para una flora intestinal perfecta)
-17 %
Belgavet Tzurex 400 gr - Energy for your birdsNew Belgavet Tzurex, a 100% natural product that provides energy for flight, proteins and keeps the intestinal flora in perfect balance. For pigeons and birdsINDICATIONS:- Provides extra energy for flight- Maintains the intestinal flora in its natural ba..
9.95€ 11.95€
Ex Tax:9.05€
Comed Avisan 150ml, (refuerza el sistema inmune y aumenta la resistencia)
-13 %
Comed Avisan 150ml, (strengthens the immune system and increases resistance)INDICATIONS:- 100% natural product- Strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of infections- Improves stamina- Keeps your birds in top shape during competitions and exhibitionsHOW TO USE:- Dose: 1 teaspoon (= 5 ml) pe..
8.95€ 10.25€
Ex Tax:8.14€
Ácidos para Pasta de Cría ++ (SjoerdZwart)
-12 %
Breeding Paste Acids ++ (SjoerdZwart)Was egg food spoiled in a hot climate? Sour-smelling egg food? From now on, that's a thing of the past with Eggfood ++ Mix A highly effective synergistic blend of organic acids keeps the development of this yeast in the egg meal under control in warm climate..
10.95€ 12.50€
Ex Tax:9.95€
Prowins White Plus 300gr  (intensifica el color blanco de las plumas)
-5 %
Prowins White Plus, a 100% natural pigment that intensifies, dramatically, the white color of the feathers in white canaries and red mosaics.◽ What is White PlusWhite Plus is a Pigment, 100% natural, which aims to intensify the white color of the feathers, both in white canaries and in red mosaics.◽..
27.95€ 29.50€
Ex Tax:25.41€
Jeringuilla de precisión para embuchar Jeringuilla de precisión para embuchar
-10 %
Precision syringe embuchar   Syringe feeding is common practice among breeders. Usually it started when you retire nestlings parents, at about 20 days of life until weaning. You need to learn good technique before putting it into practice, or run the risk of losing nestlings for giving littl..
8.99€ 9.99€
Ex Tax:7.43€
Transportín Economy pequeño Transportín Economy pequeño
-5 %
The type of material used in making baskets , its durability , ease of cleaning and disinfection , size, manageability for transfer are all factors to consider when making our choice .   This carrier is a small economy optimal quality option for those tasks.   The dimensions thereof ..
5.40€ 5.70€
Ex Tax:4.46€
Transportin Economy mediano Transportin Economy mediano
-5 %
The type of material used in making baskets , its durability , ease of cleaning and disinfection , size, manageability for transfer are all factors to consider when making our choice .   This carrier medium economy is an optimal quality option for those tasks.   The dimensions thereo..
8.50€ 8.95€
Ex Tax:7.02€
Transportín Economy Grande Transportín Economy Grande
-5 %
The type of material used in making baskets , its durability , ease of cleaning and disinfection , size, manageability for transfer are all factors to consider when making our choice .   This large transportín economy is optimal quality option for those tasks.   The dimensions thereo..
11.55€ 12.15€
Ex Tax:9.55€
Perilla Blanca 3Kg Jarad
-15 %
Seed rich in protein and fat, low in carbohydrates, with the advantage that it does not harm the liver or the digestive system of the bird, although an excess could cause obesity. Contains calcium and phosphorus.It would always have to be present in the diet of our wild birds (Jingueros, Verderones,..
27.95€ 32.95€
Ex Tax:26.88€
Alpiste StrongCages (Gama Premium)
-7 %
StrongCages Birdseed (Premium Range)Pure canaryseed specially selected and stored in optimal quality conditions to avoid respiratory diseases.Protein 14%.Fiber 21%.Presentation: 1 kg bag..
2.00€ 2.15€
Ex Tax:1.92€
Aceite LUS 250 ml (limpia el sistema digestivo de tus aves)
-17 %
Aceite LUS 250 ml (limpia el sistema digestivo de tus aves)..
13.99€ 16.95€
Ex Tax:12.72€
Conjunto Niki 3300 (New Canariz)
-10 %
Set Niki 3300 (New Canariz) 20 cages, 4 high, 5 columns 35x17x30h cm The price of the cages is complete with:- Wall structure- Paper rolls - Double grids- Feeders - Drinking troughs - Wooden sticks Dimensions of each cage: 35x17x30 cm Module: 20 cages, 4 high, 5 co..
1,002.25€ 1,107.75€
Ex Tax:828.31€
Comedero de bolas de grasa para colgar MAX
-20 %
Max can be hung up quickly and easily and can be easily filled. With the strong strap you can hang the product in the garden or on the balcony. Reloading is easy; Open the bottom and fill the reservoir with bird food.Due to the shape of the slots, only small birds can eat from the feeder.22x7cm..
11.95€ 14.99€
Ex Tax:9.88€
Vanhee Brewers Yeast 9000 powder - 600g (levadura de cerveza enriquecida) Vanhee Brewers Yeast 9000 powder - 600g (levadura de cerveza enriquecida)
-24 %
Vanhee Brewer's Yeast 9000 powder - 600g (enriched brewer's yeast)Vanhee Brewer's Yeast is rich in B-complex vitamins and amino acids and contains naturally high-quality protein.INDICATIONS:- Improves general endurance and helps fight stress- Promotes the development and vitality of the offspring- I..
5.30€ 6.95€
Ex Tax:4.82€
Remolacha Roja Extracto 200 gramos (Refuerza el sistema inmunológico del ave)
New -13 %
Is a 100% natural product extracted from red beet with very beneficial properties for the organism of birds, pigeons and other caged birds.Indications:- Improves physical condition in a natural way- Helps recovery after competitions- Strengthens the immune system, reducing the risk of diseases- Impr..
6.95€ 7.95€
Ex Tax:6.32€
Frontal StrongCages 100 X 35,5 cm
-11 %
Strongcages front (Art. 10035)The Strongcages 10035 Frontal is a high-quality white lacquered front, consisting of 1.2mm vertical wires and 4mm contour and reinforcement wires.It has 4 Italian feeders, 4 dock doors in the lower area for easy handling of the birds and 2 upper dock doors that can be u..
16.50€ 18.50€
Ex Tax:13.64€
Termometro mercurio pared
-33 %
Analog room thermometer for wall ideal for use both indoors and outdoors (poultry houses or aviaries).The thermometer is marked with a clear, easy-to-read ºC scale that allows you to easily measure the ambient temperature...
4.99€ 7.50€
Ex Tax:4.12€
Harina de Algarroba / Fortaleza para nuestras aves
-16 %
Very beneficial for our birds with healing properties, it is rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron or magnesium.High value of proteins and amino acids in addition to a large amount of vitamin B and E.It is very advisable for the digestive problems of our birds as well as for the lack of ..
2.50€ 2.99€
Ex Tax:2.27€
UNICA Pea Porridge 40% Proteina 2 kg
-8 %
UNICA PEA PORRIDGE 40 is a special preparation based on peas with a high protein value, 40% of the dry product (predigested proteins).Excellent in preparation, breeding, growth and moulting, very appetizing and digestible for granivorous birds.Instructions for use: moistened with water in a ratio of..
12.50€ 13.60€
Ex Tax:11.36€
Organizador de puestas de huevos 16 cajones Organizador de puestas de huevos 16 cajones
-17 %
With this box that has lockers, we can keep the eggs of our canaries safe while they finish laying. In each box we will put the number of the corresponding cage or collar, so there will be no errors and everything will be under control...
9.95€ 11.95€
Ex Tax:8.22€
Voladero ECO Voladero ECO
-5 %
Ideal for groups of nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets, canaries, exotic, Forpus, Aratingas, you-yous, pionites economic Voladera, etc. Very useful as a breeding cage for the species listed   Measurements:       Overall Size:   Width: 82 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 157 cm. ..
156.95€ 165.00€
Ex Tax:129.71€
Pajarera Tasha Cromo Doble Pajarera Tasha Cromo Doble
-29 %
A magnificent cage manufactured by Imac which is ideal for budgies and other smaller birds, this cage is grid for separating the birds if necessary. specs   Total size including measures of the legs: 81cm wide x 49cm deep x 160cm high   Measures Cage: 81cm wide x 49cm x H 112cm ..
199.00€ 280.95€
Ex Tax:164.46€
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