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It is advisable to mix canthaxanthin or carofil, which provide an intense color, with beta carotene, which gives shine.   In nature, beta-carotene is found in many fruits and vegetables, among which the carrot or tomato stands out. As a chemical, beta-carotene has a dark orange color. I..
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It is the most powerful dye and provides the birds with an intense red color, variable according to the doses used.   Canthaxanthin Canthaxanthin is found naturally in a colorful mushroom called "chantarellus cibarius".   The chemical synthesis pigment has a very intense re..
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Each kilogram of CAROPHYLL RED contains: 100 g of canthaxanthin (10%), in a matrix of gelatin and carbohydrates, coated with starch.   Ethoxyquin and ascorbyl palmitate are added as antioxidants.   The product is spray dried to allow the formation of spherical granules, fin..
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CAROPHIL-BETACAROTENE-CANTAXANTINE   This mixture of dyes ensures optimal pigmentation for our red-billed birds   Cantaxantina: it is very red and very powerful pigmenting, and of rapid assimilation it is hydrosoluble, bone can be diluted in water but it is usually used mix..
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Based red dye canthaxanthin.   It provides color to your red canaries Intensifies the red color in other birds Ensures consistent color   Given that the feathers are composed of dead cells , but operate their color at the time of its formation. The plumage half is renewed onc..
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Based red dye canthaxanthin.   It provides color to your red canaries Intensifies the red color in other birds Ensures consistent color   Given that the feathers are composed of dead cells , but operate their color at the time of its formation. The plumage half is renewed onc..
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Nekton R contains vitamins, trace elements , amino acids, calcium and soluble carotenoids in powder form . Nekton R contributes very effectively to maintain and increase the red color of plumage in those species which react in the presence of carotenoids way . Regular doses of Nekton R also allow th..
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Quiko intensive yellow, 50 g    Food supplement for cage birds.    To enhance or maintain the yellow color of yellow birds factor.    Yellow Intense Quiko prevents discoloration  yellow plumage.    The administration can be mixed with water or pulp breeding.  ..
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CAROPHIL-BETACAROTENO-CANTHAXANTHIN    Canthaxanthin: is very red and very powerful pigmenting, and rapid assimilation is water soluble, bone can be diluted in water but is often used with pasta mixed breeding. gives an intense red.    Carophyll: Virtually like canthaxanthin, the mai..
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It is the most powerful coloring and gives birds a deep red color, varies according to the doses used.   Canthaxanthin . Canthaxanthin is naturally in a colorful mushroom called " chantarellus cibarius " .   The pigment chemical synthesis has a very bright red , pulling purple. It is..
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Bella de Noche (Special mask of the goldfinches)Seed that highlights the colors of the plumage of birds, especially indicated to get the red masks in goldfinches.Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids from the Omega 6 acid series, which facilitate the proper functioning of the body's cells.125 grs..
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Natural pigmentationTarget species: Goldfinches, Venezuelan cardinals, pardillos, etc.INGREDIENTS: Cereals, seeds, bakery products, extract of vegetable proteins, fats, oils, lysine and meteonine, vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene.VITAMINS: A, D3, K, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, Biotin, Copper, Nicotic Ac..
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Blanco Intenso Chemi Vit 250 grs
-7 %
Intense White Chemi Vit contains substances that inhibit the production of melanins and intensify the white color of feathers.   Composition: Sugars, byproducts of vegetable origin.   Instructions for use: 10 grams per kg of breeding paste or liter of water.   White canaries ..
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Canthaxanthin DSM in stabilized powder with the same properties as red carophyl, but with greater pigmenting power.It contributes to the maintenance or the intensification of the red colors of the birds. Administer during the breeding and moulting periods of the birds.Each gram contains at least 100..
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It contains natural extracts of plant origin that do not accumulate in the liver.It intensifies the existing red color of the feathers in species such as the goldfinch, the Pardillo sicerín, Pardillo common, Cardenalitos de Venezuela, Canarias mosaics in red, Carpodacus Mexican Mexicans, as well as ..
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LOR RED PLUS PIGMENTANTE ROJOCONTENT: 7.75% of canthaxanthin, 5% sugars, β-carotene 1.75%, inert support Q.B. 100.Red Plus is a red pigment based on canthaxanthin for red factor canaries.or rojo...
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LOR YELLOW PLUS UNIFEED 200 GR.Nutritional supplement - Yellow Pigmenting Pigmenting for yellow birds (lipochrome/melanic:lipochrome canaries White Wing, Spinus and Carduelis), highlights the color of the plumage of yellow factor birds...
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Ornizin Extracto de Tagete y CartamoOrnizin Extract of Tagete and Cartamo is an ideal natural complement to reinforce the pigmentation or coloring of our ornamental birds such as goldfinches or pardillos.100ML FORMAT..
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Highlight the color of the red factor   It is a food supplement based on plant protein extracts of plants, Omega-3 fatty acids and coloring substances to supplement the diet of birds with red factor. Contains cataxanthin and beta-carotene in optimal proportions to improve and promote correct..
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Yellow factor pigment for canariesIncreases yellow lipochromeAdditional information: RECOMMENDED for optimal coloration of pigmented birds in the nest, administer YELLOW FACTOR every day before egg laying in intense and snowy canaries and continue until moulting is complete. For mosaic canaries, alw..
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Prowins White Plus, a 100% natural pigment that intensifies, dramatically, the white color of the feathers in white canaries and red mosaics.◽ What is White PlusWhite Plus is a Pigment, 100% natural, which aims to intensify the white color of the feathers, both in white canaries and in red mosaics.◽..
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Quiko intense yellow 100 grsFood supplement for cage birds which intensifies the yellow colour of yellow-factor birds.Prevents discolouration of yellow plumage.Can be added to the drinking water or to the breeding paste.Administration: 5 g in 500 ml of water or in 500 g of breeding paste...
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ForteBird Redbird is a dye indicated for birds with a red factor, such as canaries, cardinals, goldfinches, etc.Redbird is a special pigmenting mix that has been tested for years by expert red factor breeders. It contains carotenoids and additives of the highest quality, which will make your ca..
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Intensifies the red colour in red-factor birds.  Intense Red contains canthaxanthin and various vitamins. Can be added to or mixed with the breeding paste. Administration: 10 g in 500 ml of water or 500 g of breeding paste. Packaging: 100 g..
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Tagete Plus L.O.R (acción pigmentante amarilla)
Complementary feed with yellow pigmenting action: in the molting phase it generates a bright and intense lipochrome, administered continuously, it prevents lipochromic oxidation.Ingredients: calcium carbonate, concentrated extract of tagete (total lutein 2.01).Instructions for use: 10 grams / kg of ..
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Yellowbird is a complementary food indicated to be fed to yellow factor birds.Instructions: Administer 10 gr of yellowbird per kg of paste or feed for perfect pigmentation.Its use is essential during the molting season, so that the new feathers acquire the desired yellow colour...
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For natural color red and the intensification of brightness and colorrojo canaries, finches, cardinals, etc.   Quiko Beta Carotene contains a large amount of beta carotene and several vitamins. Quiko Beta Carotene can be given breeding paste or mixed with water.   For a natural r..
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Intensifies the red color in the red factor birds .   Intense red canthaxanthin and contains more vitamins. You can add or can be mixed with pasta breeding .   Administration : 10 g in 500 ml of water or 500 grams of paste breeding .   50 grams..
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Red Maximun using various components ensures excellent red factor in their birds .   Food based on amino acids , essential oils , herbs , clays , germ of cereals, vitamins , etc. , which contains lots of carofill , betacoreno and canthaxanthin complement. Dosage 20 grams per kilo dose..
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NEW PINMENTANTE OF YELLOW CANARIZ   It is a yellow coloring contest birds . This supplement intensifies the yellow color of the plumage and increases endurance.   The plumage is changed once a year . However , not all at once . Moulting of the old feathers is stimulated by the format..
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