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Birds play area, large, 35x25 cm   Playground made ??of natural wood. With a ladder, a swing and various hangers..
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- Measures: · Width: 35 cm. · Length: 30 cm. · Height: 27 cm. - Suitable for budgies or canaries. - Made of branches and chunks of natural wood. - This area consists of three games ladders and two hangers. - Easy assembly. NOTE: It is very important to keep birds entertained with ..
Ex Tax:14.01€
 Dimensions: 28 x 25 x 22 cm. - Suitable for parakeets and canaries. - Very useful for the exercise of the pet in the cage. - Suitable for enrichment of the environment, making the welfare of the pet. This play area is in the range Natural Living Trixie for birds and rodents. This collect..
Ex Tax:9.88€
Approximate measurements:- 50 cm wide x 31.5 cm deep.- Total height: 40 cm- Weight: 4 kgThe above values are approximate.There may be deviations due to production.Characteristics:- 2 steel bowls- 1 wooden hanger- Ladder- Removable tray for easy cleaning- Premium FinishesSuitable for medium-sized bir..
Ex Tax:33.02€
- Natural wood, made with chunks of tree. - Dimensions: 35 x 29 x 25 cm. - Includes: · Stairs. · Cotton Aro. · Rope. · Hanger. · Wooden Toys. This play area is in the range of Trixie Natural Living for birds and rodents. This collection looks after the health of the pet because th..
Ex Tax:14.01€
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