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Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver  - Elimina parásitos externos
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Röhnfried Mitex Bio Pulver - Eliminates external parasitesEliminates external parasites - 100% natural and biological- Highly effective products against all types of mites, especially red and black mites. - Also eliminates other external parasites. - 100% natural and biological. - Non..
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Rohnfried Mitex Mite Spray 400 mlcombating bird mites effective physical impactKieselguhr Spray is a sprayable diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth) that reliably and sustainably combats red and black bird mites and all other crawling insects.Kieselguhr Spray is a sprayable diatomaceous ..
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Kräuter Gemüse Mix is a mixture of 17 different herbs that help birds to correct their nutritional deficiencies.In addition, it exerts a beneficial effect on your digestive and respiratory tract.Administration and dosage:2 tablespoons (1 tablespoon = 10 g) in a 1 kg. of food with oil (Energie- Öl) o..
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Rohfried UsneGano (acts on the digestive system)Usne Gano is a liquid product for birds that acts on the digestive system, facilitating solid faeces. In addition, it also has an effect on the noses of birds, especially pigeons, giving them bright white noses. Usne Gano has bearded lichen, oregano, u..
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Entrobac is a bacterial supplement for birds that improves their intestinal flora and helps clean the colon. For this reason, it is especially indicated during and after antibiotic treatments. It contains special probiotic and prebiotic bacteria that are needed to populate the intestinal flora as we..
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Taubenfit E 50 + Selenium 250ml by Rohnfried is a compound based on concentrated vitamin E and selenium for racing pigeons.Indications:- Covers the vitamin E needs of racing pigeons.- Especially effective in reproducers with fertility problems.- Very beneficial to administer it in young people to co..
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Elektrolyt 3Plus is a combination of electrolytes for birds that regulates water loss, normalizing body fluids and favoring the speedy recovery of birds. And it is that magnesium and potassium are important for muscle and heart function.Administration and dosage:Dilute 1 tablespoon (10 g) per liter ..
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NEW Rohnfried Vitamin ADEC 250ml (improve fertility)INDICATIONS:- Prevention of vitamin A, D, E deficiencies- Stressful situations- After vaccinations -After antibiotic treatment- During moulting or breeding- Improve fertility- To recover stunted youthCOMPOSITION :- Vitamin A- vitamin D3- Vitamin E-..
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