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Pienso UNIFEED L.O.R VITA Food for canaries


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UNIFEED L.O.R VITA IS a product studied for feeding nest chicks. The new production process makes it possible to hydrate and look like Rusk. Hold up to 48 hours in the feeder without perishing. 19% protein

UNIFEED L.O.R VITA IS a product studied for feeding nest chicks. The novel production process means that a raw part is added to the cooked part (thermally treated foodstuff), preserved from thermal damages typical of extrusion.The granule that is formed, capable of absorbing water, is transformed in a soft ball especially pleasant to the players in period of embuche.

COMPOSITION: cereals, vegetable proteins, oils and fats, mineral substances, probiotics, prebiotics, amino acid vitamins, antioxidants, aromas.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: add an equal amount of water (100 gr./100 gr.) To the Unifeed-Vita, wait 30/40 minutes and then carefully remove it before serving. It can be supplied alone or by adding it to the Unifeed breeding line UNIBIRD. Cooked seeds, sprouts or any other natural product can be added if desired, but it is not advisable to add Vitamins and mineral salts.

UnifeedVITA is indicated in the breeding phase with growing youngsters and in the finishing phase by supplying it daily at the free disposal of the players. It can also be supplied throughout the year, in the phase of molting, maintenance and preparation for breeding, as integrator and restorative of the exhibition birds and breeders. In those cases, supply on alternate days (2/3 days a week is advised).

WARNING: Once moistened the product must be replaced daily in the middle of summer. In the winter period it can be left available to the birds up to 48 hours from the preparation. Close the package well once opened to preserve the aroma. Store in a cool and dry place.


10% humidity

19% crude protein

Gross Fat 10%

3% ashes

Inazotati extracts 58%

FORMATS 2, 5 and 10 kilos.

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