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cage trap


If you want a trap to catch birds in your aviary cages in Pets Alfalfa have a variety of trap cages that will fit your needs from one compartment to cages with larger trap cages with several compartments and claim included.

We emphasize our new automatic trap cages with which you can capture all your birds, no problem.


Jaula Pozito..
Ex Tax:22.27€
Only for use in closed as aviaries ...
Ex Tax:26.03€
Only for use in closed as aviaries .   measures : Width: 41.4cm Height: 25.5 cm Depth: 16 cm It provides: 1 door to the cockpit of the claim 1 door to the cockpit of catches 2 feeder / drinker 1 stick bird rests Distance between bars ..
Ex Tax:18.14€
Handmade trap cage with 1 compartment with decoyOnly for use in closed areas such as flyovers...
Ex Tax:23.10€
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