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Backs Bierhefe 800 gr (levadura de cerveza enriquecida con vitaminas y aminoácidos)
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Backs Bierhefe 800 gr (brewer's yeast enriched with vitamins and amino acids)INDICATIONS.Compound based on brewer's yeast enriched with vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals.COMPOSITION:- Vitamins- Oligo-elements- Enzyme- Amino-acids- Calcium- PhosphorusINSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:It is recommended ..
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Backs Badesalz 600 gr (bath salts)Regular use of Backs bath salts guarantees a healthy, silky and parasite-free plumage. INDICATIONS: - Eliminates external parasites lodged in the feather. - They make the feathers supple, preventing them from breaking easily. - They add shine to ..
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Backs Nettle Powder 200 gramsThe natural substances in Backs support the metabolism and ensure that the birds feel particularly well. In addition to the blood-purifying operation, the minerals present are also particularly useful.InstructionsGive Nettle Powder throughout the year. 5 consecutive..
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