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Seed Sprouter

Germinator comprises: " three germination trays each provided with a water filter valve " A top cover feedwater " A bottom cover water storage   How to use:   Spread the seeds on germination trays and trays fit . Then fill the top cover of water ( about 1 cm ) covering below filt..
Ex Tax:15.29€
Seed sieve with a diameter of 28 cm..
Ex Tax:3.18€
Seed sieve with a diameter of 25 cm..
Ex Tax:2.69€
Measurements 20 x 12.5 cm..
Ex Tax:2.36€
Sprouting Helper is a product based on citrus extracts that facilitates the germination process, minimizing the risk of fungal and / or bacterial growths.   It is indicated to incorporate it into the water used in the rinsing and hydration of the seeds to germinate. It is also indicated to p..
Ex Tax:26.13€
Seed sifter with a diameter of 18 cm..
Ex Tax:2.44€
A seed germination tray is a container designed to provide ideal conditions for seeds to germinate and grow.It usually includes individual compartments for sowing multiple seeds and making them easier to care for during the early stages of development.These trays have good ventilation and allow prec..
Ex Tax:4.92€
Large wooden seed screenerMeasures 30 x 23 cmmetal mesh..
Ex Tax:4.09€
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