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Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)

Calcicolina P Latac

Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)
Calcicolina P (Suplemento de calcio y fósforo)
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Calcicolina -P
The Calcicolina -P is a specific product for the treatment of deficiency states in caged birds , produced mostly by nutritional imbalances and excess fat seeds .
Excess fat causes serious disorders in the digestive tract (hepatitis and enteritis) , reducing the natural defenses of the bird, which easily contract all kinds of diseases .
Choline chloride , fundamental biological factor in fat metabolism , preventing fatty liver degeneration and prevents the onset of hepatitis.
Also the absorption of calcium and phosphorus is hindered by excess fat , and this defect produces an abnormally fragile bones that break easily .
 Calcium glycerophosphate seeks , in a biologically assimilable calcium and phosphorus needed for proper bone formation , especially in periods of bird decline .
This is complemented with trace minerals ( manganese, cobalt , copper and zinc ) , although in very small quantities , are absolutely essential for proper development of living beings .
The Calcicolina -P is an essential nutritional supplement to correct possible errors of nutrition guidelines , even the most studied , and at higher doses acts as an effective medicine for treating liver and digestive diseases .
DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Mix 50 ml of drinking water ( a trough ) 1 ml of Calcicolina -P ( or 20 drops of the bottle dropper ) . To prepare one liter of water , mix with 2 plugs , (equivalent to 20 ml ) in normal birds is sufficient to treat two days per week , and reproduction periods treat birds for 4 days and 3 day break . In liver and digestive diseases (belly red, inflamed liver ) will the Calcicolina -P daily at least eight days , until complete healing. Delete all feeding oilseeds (canola , poppy , hemp ) .
TARGET SPECIES : canaries , pigeons and ornamental birds in general.
COMPOSITION : Ingredients : lactose 2% calcium glycerophosphate 2.25 % hypophosphite
1.2% calcium , 0.3 % Glycerol : Additives (composition per 100 ml ) : 17.5 g choline chloride , cobalt
(E-3 ) 0.64 mg; Copper ( E-4) 1.53 mg, Manganese ( E-5) 45.51 mg, Zinc ( E-6 ) 2.64 mg .

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