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Jaula Cría 58 Desmontable 2GR Art. 326/SC (Sistema papel) (Pack 6 Ud) Jaula Cría 58 Desmontable 2GR Art. 326/SC (Sistema papel) (Pack 6 Ud)
Breeding Cage 58 Detachable 2GR Art. 326 / SC (paper System)White 58 breeding cage with plastic sides and easy-to-clean bottom.Excellent quality cage, with 4 spring feeders, and 4 doors.Includes feeders, drinkers and buttocks and mesh separator.Cage dimensions: 58.5 x 31 x 39h.Optionally, opaque rea..
Ex Tax:223.10€
Pack Super Muda Fortebird
In this ForteBird brand pack is included:Omega Bird 500mlPecking Bird 400 gramsMudaBird 300 gramsBath Bird 500 grams..
Ex Tax:49.09€
Fichas para numerar jaulas (pack de 10 unidades)
Numbering stamps to number cages easily, with a click they can be fixed to the bars of almost all cages, at the height and position you want.They can be easily marked with an erasable marker and the number can be changed by rubbing it with a piece of paper with some alcohol...
Ex Tax:2.89€
Nido de poliester blanco (36 unds)
The white polyester nest is the most used nest, first because it is the cheapest, which is why most use it and throw it away, although it can also be washed and reused if it is not too bad.The nest is rigid, which makes it adapt very well to nest boxes and prevents canaries or other birds from remov..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Nido yute cardenalito (26 unidades)
Cardenalito jute nest bag with 26 unitsinner diameter 6 cmOuter diameter 9.5cm..
Ex Tax:9.50€
Pack Muda Fortebird
The Mini Muda pack contains:MudaBird 50 gBathBird 250 gAcidBird 100 mlPeckingBird 200 g..
Ex Tax:30.91€
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