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Pax Pharma

Vitamin E Lafi 20 ml
-12 %
Lafi Vitamin E 20 ml is a vitamin supplement that promotes fertility...
3.75€ 4.25€
Ex Tax:3.41€
INDICATIONS Cage and exotic birds, ornamental and pigeons: broodstock breeding. Preparation before and after mating. Activation of the sexual instinct. Increased set-up and improved hatchability. Increase in spermatogenesis and fertilization. Supply before the laying in order to increase the org..
Ex Tax:3.17€
Complex 11 vit-B 20 ml (Complejo vitamínico Grupo B)
-14 %
Water-soluble vitamin premix Detoxifying and regenerating. Indicated in cases of decreased fertility, stress, appetite stimulant, nervous disorders, hatching and hatching problems, weak young, feather deficiencies, paralysis and twisted claws.Caged Birds: Decreased fertility, stress, appetite stimul..
4.75€ 5.50€
Ex Tax:4.32€
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