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Cages fos parrots


In our online store you will find a wide variety of cages for all types of parrots, made of high quality materials and non-toxic paints, and equipped with everything necessary to ensure the welfare of your pet.

Depending on the size or needs of your bird, at our huge cages for parrots find a model to suit you, from cages reduced in size to cages for parrots large where they can live together as a couple and activities to entertain you if problems space.


Cage orinoco - Brazil   A cage the most affordable price on the internet magnified.   measures:     Overall Size: Width: 60.5 cm Depth: 54.5 cm Height: 150 cm     Cabin Measures (instead of parrot)   Width: 54.5 cm Depth: 41 cm Height: 80 cm   ..
Ex Tax:103.26€
The economical solution for all small and medium parrots as grays , amazons , Senegal parrots nymphs or size . With our cage Palace are included the following: Park top game with 2 stainless steel troughs 10 cm in diameter. Tray in the game park . Hook accessory toys holder in the upper p..
Ex Tax:146.24€
Palma cage, an enclosure made of wrought iron with a cart with ornamental finish.   Palma is one of the best-selling StrongCages Cages. Specially designed to house cockatoos, lovebirds, small parrots and birds of similar size, Cage Palma has two hangers to provide a comfortable innkeeper..
Ex Tax:82.60€
Cage specially designed for parrots, parrots, ....It has a beautiful and decorative design, offering a suitable and safe home for the bird. It is an excellent quality cage made of resistant and durable materials.The cage is made of metal with the bars painted with lead-free epoxy paint. The accessor..
Ex Tax:90.87€
Voladero ECO - WhiteEconomic flying boat ideal for groups of nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets, canaries, exotics, forpus, parakeets, you-yous, pionites, etc. Very practical as a breeding cage for the mentioned speciesMeasurements: 82 width x 54 depth x 157 cm height. cabin where the birds..
Ex Tax:136.36€
Voladero ECO Voladero ECO
-5 %
Ideal for groups of nymphs, lovebirds, parakeets, canaries, exotic, Forpus, Aratingas, you-yous, pionites economic Voladera, etc. Very useful as a breeding cage for the species listed   Measurements:       Overall Size:   Width: 82 cm Depth: 54 cm Height: 157 cm. ..
156.95€ 165.00€
Ex Tax:129.71€
ECO - DOUBLE Voladera ideal for groups of nymphs , lovebirds , parakeets , canaries, exotic , Forpus , Aratingas , you- yous, pionites , etc. Very useful as breeding cage for the species listed   Basic dimensions : 165 cm (width ) x 54 cm (depth ) x 157 cm (high)   ..
Ex Tax:244.59€
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