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K.O. Kiki birds antiparacito insecticide-1L   Insecticide outside environmental use.   Prevents asthma   Against all kinds of external parasites   Antiparasitic Excellent for outdoor use. It is harmless to birds (canaries, budgies, finches, etc.) cautioning against as..
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Kiki insecticide- antiparasitic for birds 1000 milliliters- Excellent antiparasite for outdoor use- Harmless to the bird- Apply externally on infected areas, repeating if necessary every 7 days..
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Product for environmental use, do not apply in the presence of animals.   Scented insecticide spray for the treatment of external parasite infestations in all types of cage birds (canaries, goldfinches, parakeets, parrots). Indicated to eliminate and prevent piojillos, aphids and ticks ..
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Large facilities that house animals such as kennels, pens or stables accumulate a high amount of bacteria, fungi and dirt due to the interaction between animals. To prevent the animals that live in these facilities, it is important to carry out disinfectant actions that keep the facilities in the be..
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Anti-lice powder repellent for external use for all types of birdsMenforsan natural powder insect repellent for birds is a powerful and effective antiparasitic recommended for different types of birds (canaries, parrots, parakeets and pigeons). It is a powder product that contains natural ingredient..
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ZZ reinforced insecticide powder is the key product to get rid of all kinds of insects. Thanks to ZZ powders, the consumer will be able to experience extreme efficiency without the appearance of odours, which will allow him to continue with his day-to-day life as normal while seeing how the insects ..
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Treatment for all species. This especially indicated to restore skin function in all types of skin changes (accidental wounds, burns, abrasions, skin ulcers, frostbite, eczema, bites). properties It increases the healing process, regenerating skin tissue, thanks to the action of boric acid which act..
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Pulmosan thrips eliminates the trachea and lung mites in canaries, finches, tropical birds and aviary. It is also effective against mites in budgies beak. symptoms: Very poor form; voice loss. Embolado feathers. Respiratory difficulties with many noises. Attempts as vomiting with characterist..
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Men For San Antiparasitic for pigeons; ready-to-use liquid insecticide.DESCRIPTION:- Liquid external antiparasitic insecticide and acaricide for pigeons- Liquid insecticide ready for use.- Effective against all types of external parasites: lice, fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes.HOW TO USE:- Apply ext..
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Chemifarma's Acaderm is a medicinal ointment that treats and counteracts skin acariasis that causes the so-called "paw scabies" and associated bacterial complications.Fur mites dig tunnels in the skin of the legs and around the beak, feeding on parts of the beak, causing bleeding, circulatory damage..
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Adiós insectos OrnizinInsect free aviaryNatural repellent against palomillas, flies and mosquitoes.Target species: Birds and their aviaries, cages and flyersComposition: Natural plant extractsHow to use: Spray on insects or room for the accommodation of birds infected with insects.250 ml..
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Natural dermatological solution, sanitizing and aid healing. It is useful in case of wet dermatitis, pyoderma and fungal infections 100 ml..
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ARPON® Diazipol is an emulsifiable insecticide that combines the efficacy and low concentration properties of Cypermethrin with the powerful and prolonged residual effect of Deltamethrin, thus obtaining unbeatable results in the disinfestation of all types of facilities.ARPON® Diazipol is an emulsif..
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Avizoon Zoo Spray 200mlINDICATIONS:- Eliminates all kinds of external parasites: lice, flies, mites.- It is not toxic to birds; it can be applied directly on them.- It is also very effective for disinfecting cages, nests, etc.- Does not contain gas.- Appropriate for Canaries, exotic finches, Europea..
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BACTAIR SPRAY is made up of 100% natural products such as Eucalyptus and Menthol.These essential oils have the effect of supporting the respiratory tract, especially during periods of intense heat.Instructions for use: ready to use, BACTAIR SPRAY is sprayed directly on buildings or cages, even in th..
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Biotopic Avianvet is a natural dermatological solution based on Propolis, Melaleuca Oil and Copper. Biotopic Avianvet is indicated for skin lesions, dermatitis, foot crusts, foot and leg scabies, ringworm and fungi on the skin.   Biotopic Avianvet can be used on all types of birds, from smal..
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BIPAL PROTECTIVE, PROTECTOR OF EXTERNAL PARASITES   100% natural, ecological, inert and iniquitous product made from marine dust and different types of minerals of vegetable origin.   Bipal Protective is created with a single purpose, to offer welfare to the bird. The state of the tr..
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Help cut blood when nails or in cases of minor injuries or minor bleeding cut. They wetted and applied directly on the area that is bleeding...
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Cream for teats, udders and other parts of the skin.Dry, rough skin becomes supple after regular rubbing with teat cream. The treatment of the teats and udders with teat cream before and after milking guarantees optimum protection of the skin.Benefitsindicated for cracked and sensitive skinfrostbite..
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Diptron Ornamental Birds 1 literTreatment of mite infestations in ornamental birds.Efficacy against mites for 21 days.DIPTRÓN® Aves Ornamentales is based on Fipronil, an insecticide / miticide that belongs to the Phenylpyrazole family.It acts on the nervous system of the mites generating an uncontro..
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Diptron Ornamental Birds 125 mlTreatment of mite infestations in ornamental birds.Efficacy against mites for 21 days.DIPTRÓN® Aves Ornamentales is based on Fipronil, an insecticide / miticide that belongs to the Phenylpyrazole family.It acts on the nervous system of the mites generating an uncontrol..
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IKARO BATH ACARICIDE 500 MLHerbal mixture with repellent action on feather mite and mosquito, 100% natural, GMO FREE.COMPOSITION:Water, Glycerol, Extract of aromatic herbs.DOSAGE:Add to bath water 10 ml/1 liter. Repeated once a week.WARNING:Expiration date is for products in original packaging and s..
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SPECIAL INSECTICIDE AVIPAS is an insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, effectively eliminating all kinds of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps, flies, etc.). Its Tetramethrin content gives it an exceptional turning effect. DOES NOT STAGE.1 Litre..
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Medilaca Bioplagen Insecticide 400mlMEDILACA BIOPLAGEN is a broad spectrum insecticide, especially effective for establishing barriers against crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, mites and spiders). Aerosol presentation...
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INSECTORNIS is a natural repellent against all kinds of insects. The products used are completely harmless to birds.COMPOSITION: Talc, sodium propionate, diatomaceous earth, borax, pine extract, sodium formate, quassia extract, geraniol.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Sprinkle the product directly on the bird..
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Insectornis Spray Latac 250 ml
Natural repellent for all types of insects and mites, it acts in two main ways to ensure its effectiveness as a dewormer:Essential oils are applied directly to the skin and feathers, allowing immediate elimination of insects and mites. The products are completely natural and harmless to birds.Insect..
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Koudijs 150 grs - Bomba insecticida para aviarios
It is a 100% natural compound, based on herbs and medicinal oils that eliminates parasites from the loft / aviary and also disinfects and clears the respiratory tract. For Pigeons and all kinds of Birds.INDICATIONS:- Eliminates parasites from the dovecote / aviary: lice, flies, mosquitoes, mites, mo..
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Electric flying insect eliminator.Attracts and kills flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.).Coverage area 50 m².Efficient, silent and low consumption.Chemical-free pest controlSecurity mesh grille.Easy to remove and clean tray.1.1 meter cable...
Ex Tax:20.62€
Electric flying insect eliminator.Attracts and kills flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.).Coverage area 100 m².Efficient, silent and low consumption.Chemical-free pest controlSecurity mesh grille.Reinforced fasteners for hanging and transporting.Removable grid for cleaning and elimination of ins..
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Electric flying insect eliminator.Attracts and kills flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, etc.).Coverage area 80 m².Efficient, silent and low consumption.Chemical-free pest controlSecurity mesh grille.Reinforced fasteners for hanging and transporting.Removable grid for cleaning and elimination of inse..
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Ointment for all types of scales and wounds on the legs.INGREDIENTS: Aqua, mineral oil, glycerin, plant extract, potassium sulfate, sodium chloride, sulfur, B.H.T.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply on the scales or wounds as many times as necessary.30 mlKEEP IN A COOL AND DRY PLACE...
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It is a natural and innocuous product that does not harm chickens, repels lice and dries the nest, keeping the chicks' litter dry and free of insects.How to use:Apply directly to the nest and to the chicks once or twice a week for the first fifteen days of life.Ingredients: Natural Plants and Minera..
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Ornizin Dermoprotector Indicated for the injuries of the legs of the birds, caused by mites or other agentsApply a little of the ointment on the legs of your bird, carefully and massaging the affected areas, or preferably, on all the legs and nails to prevent the infection from spreading.Repeat this..
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Ointment for squamous legs. If the birds suffer from scales on the legs. This makes it difficult for them cambinar and even peck. We recommend using ointment scaly legs.   Spread a thick layer of ointment on the scabs. Do not pull the scabs! Procesdimiento Repeat this until all the scabs hav..
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Paparrin insecticidal powder effectively eliminates ants, eradicates cockroaches, ticks, fleas, bedbugs and all types of flying and crawling insects. PAPARRIN contains ALPHA-CIPERMETHRIN, a pyrethroid insecticide of the latest generation, with a rapid shock action and powerful efficacy.PAPARRIN..
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Pody Bird Insecticide red mitesPODY AVES is an insecticide that acts by contact and ingestion, effectively eliminating all kinds of flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps, blowflies, etc.).Its Tetramethrin content gives it an exceptional tumbling effect. NOT STAIN.COMPOSITION Permethrin: 0.25% Pip..
Ex Tax:8.86€
Pronafit Pro-Smoke is a compound, 100% natural, herbal and medicinal oils that eliminates parasites pigeon / bird and also disinfects and clears the airways. To Palomas and all kinds of birds.     INDICATIONS: - Eliminates parasites pigeon / bird: thrips, flies, mosquitoes, mites, mo..
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Pyrevol is a powerful natural insecticide that eliminates all types of lice and mites, both external and internal. Pyretrol is a polyvalent product that can be diluted in bath water, applied in powder directly on nests and trays, and can even be mixed with seeds to combat internal mites.   How t..
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Serisar Sarna Latac 20 ml
Natural repellent that contains different oils that act against parasites and insects such as scabies, lice and mitesComposition: Peanut oil, quassia amara extract, silicone oil, vitamin EPackaging: 20ml..
Ex Tax:7.95€
RED louse final disposal in the aviary   Accordingly red mite:   Our birds nervousness, weight loss, reduced immunity against infection, mortality of chickens and breeding caused by anemia.   The piojillo is a tiny parasite capable of carrying viruses and germs.   Ter..
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Special composition suitable for nests   90% of farmers, we fight all breeding seasons, to keep the nests of our clean and free of famous piojillo (red mite) birds.   TerraMix special nests, offers the solution. With their special formulation indicated for the treatment of mites and ..
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100% natural insecticide, does not contain biocides or poisons, causes the death of the insect by dehydration, absorbing its body fluids. Composed of fossilized microscopic algae in the seabed, it acts by physical-mechanical action and not by ingestion like chemical insecticides, which end up contam..
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Virucida Sanivir Gun 1 literCOMPOSITION (Ready-to-use flavored solution)Glutaraldehyde 0.15%Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride 0.10%PROPERTIES? Ready-to-use broad-spectrum disinfectant.? Double effect: cleans and disinfects in a single application? Use in veterinary clinics, consultation tables, hos..
Ex Tax:4.55€
ZOTAL® Zero is a microbicide disinfectant with a LEMON SMELL. It is exactly the same as the Zotal of always, so it is indicated to be used in warehouses, barracks, patios, chalets, country houses and other facilities. Due to its microbicidal disinfectant action with LEMON SMELL, it eliminates unplea..
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Mosquito-proof lamp JB20C-2 6W   In summer the good weather arrives but also the annoying mosquitoes arrive.   With this lamp kills mosquitoes will kill the flying animals without effort.   Fluorescent light attracts them and they die electrocuted.   Ideal for having ..
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Ointment for corns and escamosidades Tabernil   Tabernil ointment with canaries and ornamental birds in general ( parakeets , goldfinches , pigeons, etc. ) a number of therapeutic actions epithelial regeneration as soon as possible of the injuries epiteliales.Se indicates its use should comb..
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P.B.K.   INSECTICIDE POWDER     Powdered insecticide fast acting. Made with natural pyrethrins, with low toxicity to man and animals. Odorless and fast insecticidal efficacy over a wide range of insects. It can be applied in trays cages, nests and any infected surface.       ..
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Transcutine is an ointment based on natural extracts that is applied to the legs of birds in such a way that they take on a beautiful pink color thanks to the powerful action of its components.How to use: Apply twice a week, especially during the championship period.Presentation: 60 grams..
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