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Food for lovebirds and nymphs

Extra food for parrots, nymphs and agapornis based on a mixture of seeds. Packaged in a controlled atmosphere.Ingredients: Yellow millet, peeled oats, red millet, birdseed, Daimiel's bread roll, cannamones, white millet, alanzor, iregi striped pipe, extra white pipe, sultanas and vitamin granules.An..
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The maintenance feed NutriBird G 14 Original from Versele Laga is a complete and balanced maintenance food for large parakeets. The granules or pellets have a balanced composition and are made up of selected seeds, fresh fruit and peanuts. Fully absorbable, without waste, it also contains Florastimu..
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Product Overview    NutriBird G 14 Tropical is a balanced complete feed maintenance for large parakeets. They are granulated with a scientifically approved composition, based on selected grains, fresh fruit and peanuts. Completely consumable, no losses. Florastimul contains a subst..
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I Extruded full and proper balanced animal in transition from the slurry to solid feed or young animals of small parakeets and other parrots and lovebirds, neophermas and Forpus. Belgian brand product Versele-Laga, quality products.   They are granulated with a composition scientificall..
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Bird food Versele Laga Prestige big parakeet is a mixture of grains of comprehensive quality for the daily feeding of nymphs, lovebirds, parrots and large parakeets. Its unique formula is designed to keep birds in excellent condition, thanks to a combination of grains, seeds, nuts and perfectly bala..
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The proven superior natural food brought from the land of parrots. Contains iodine beads for a healthy thyroid gland. Vitakraft Menu is a balanced mix of sun-ripened seeds, delicious cereal grains, nuts and honey.It contains all the important nutrients and essential substances for strengthening the ..
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Food for Nymphs and Agapornis, is a very complete mixture of seeds indicated for the daily feeding of nymphs, agapornis, parrots and large parakeets. It is composed of a mixture of seeds that offer our birds all the nutrients they need to stay healthy.Composition:Yellow Millet, Red Millet, White Mil..
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Feed MS4C Ornizin Canarios de PosuraHigh quality feed for pre-breeding and breeding of laying canaries.It helps to reduce health problems, keeping the birds healthy, reducing problems in breeding.Improves absorption in pigmentation.20% Protein12.9% Fats5% Fibre 5% Ashes4 kg..
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Raggio di Sole's premium breeding feed for birds with the texture of breeding paste, ideal for all types of canaries, goldfinches, parakeets and other wild birds. Formulated for daily feeding of birds.Unicco Premium Breeding Bird Feed is ideal for improving the nutritional values of all types of bir..
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Small size sunflower pipe for birds and rodents.Very fatty complementary food, rich in minerals and some vitamins, of which stand out for their high content: phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin E...
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Psittacus Pienso Fórmula Minor is a complete feed for psittacidae birds of small size (such as lovebirds, forpus, phyrruras, kakarikis, and others similar). Recommended especially for pets and breeding birds in reproductive inactivity stage. It contains all the ingredients for these birds to develop..
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Jarad Mixt. Cotorritas, Nymphs and Agapornis is a feast of mixtures of high quality seeds for your little birds, which provide adequate growth and development.   This is a complete food based on first level raw materials, which have been carefully selected as birdseed, peeled oats, yellow mi..
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Kiki Pro Agapornis Maintenance is a professional mix of extra quality, indicated for lovebirds. Kiki Pro is composed of millet seeds, abena, canary seed, buckwheat, hemp, safflower, Japanese millet, rice husk, micro pipe, black flax and red millet...
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Complete food for Agapornis and Nymphs, rich in proteins that offer their canaries great vitality and energy.   The careful selection and controls carried out during the cleaning process guarantees the high quality of all the seeds that make up the Jarad mixtures.   How to use: Manag..
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Mixture Agapornis classic canto alegre is for all types of lovebirds, composed of a balanced seed mixture of quality and cleanliness.Composition: yellow millet, birdseed, peeled oats, hulled oats, paddy rice, white sorghum, carthamus, golden linseed, buckwheat, blackgrass, red millet. The 1kg a..
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Mixture of classic canto alegre nymphs. Composition: yellow millet, wheat, canaryseed, peeled oats, cartamo, brown linseed, iregui seed, red sorghum, sunflower seed, hempseed, serrasene wheat, red millet, white sorghum, bakery products. The 1 and 5kg format is a repackaged presentation of ..
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Natural Dried Fruits. Prepared for Parrots of all sizes in general. Parakeets, Lovebirds, Nymphs, Parrots, Yacos, Youyous, Eclectus, Amazons, Macaws and Large Cockatoos...
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Mix for lovebirds and parrots without pipes. Especially indicated during breeding or in low-fat diets.CompositionWhite millet 27%Canary seed 26%Buckwheat 4%Flaxseed 3.5%Hemp seed 2.5%Paddy rice 2%Bold 1%yellow millet 15%Japanese millet 7%Shelled oats 7%Safflower 5%20kg bag..
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It exclusively contains quality seeds chosen according to the natural diet of lovebirds and other dwarf parrots.It is a complete food enriched with vitamins, amino acids and minerals.This specific mixture for this species is prepared in accordance with the Loro Parque Fundación Tenerife scientific t..
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Product Overview    Australian Parakeet Loro Parque Mix contains only quality seeds selected based on natural feeding of various species of Australian large parakeets. Australian Parakeet Loro Parque Mix is a complete food pellets enriched with VAM (Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals), so th..
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MINI PSITTACUS   indicated    It is suitable for small species such as nymphs,    lovebirds, cockatiels, budgerigars ...    The feeds are indicated for maintenance    supplied to pets and players in the stages of    reproductive inactivity. Its composi..
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The Vitakraft is a special food for lovebirds or "inseparable" with ingredients from their place of origin, Africa. Developed by veterinary and scientific experts, they will taste totally crazy.    Contains acacia flowers, dates, figs and corn color, that these birds are fed in the same way ..
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Composed of millet, white millet, yellow millet, red millet, oat, iregi pipe, hemp seeds, elm and Coldstream muffin.   A complete and balanced food for these species of birds. For the variety of seeds provided, are more motivated by avoiding anxiety states own these birds...
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Complete food for lovebirds and parakeets   Notes : premium food for lovebirds that provides an extra supplement of vitamins , proteins and trace elements. Therefore this diet helps to strengthen the immune system   Ingredients: birdseed , peeled oats, flax , hemp , elm , red..
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