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BelgaVet Garlicg 400 gr is 100% pure garlic powder for poultry INDICATIONS: - Contains essential vitamins and amino acids for pigeons. - It favors the physical condition of the pigeons. - It has healing properties. - It has an anti parasitic effect. - Facilitates blood circulation -..
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BelgaVet Pro-Biolec 200 gr is a 100% natural probiotic, highly effectiveINDICATIONS:- Replenish and maintain the intestinal flora.- Reinforcement against diseases.- It is a natural alternative to antibiotics.HOW TO USE:- Mix 10gr of Pro-Biolec per 1 kg of food, previously moistened with Twister-Oil...
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BelgaVet Cerbival 250 Gr (Active Beer Yeast + Vitamin B)Cerbival from Belgavet is an active beer yeast enriched with vitamin B; premium brewer's yeast.COMPOSITION:- Active brewer's yeast- Vitamins of group BHOW TO USE:- Add 1 tablespoon of Cerbival along with two tablespoons of water to 1 kg of grai..
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Sitrici BVP 1L (cuidado y regeneración de la flora intestinal)
-20 %
Sitrici BVP 1L - BelgavetSitrici BVP from Belgavet is a 100% natural compound, based on plant extracts, with very beneficial properties for the care and regeneration of the intestinal flora in pigeons and birds.INDICATIONS:- Regenerates the intestinal flora.- Helps prevent infections.- Prevents high..
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Belgavet Satva tablets, disinfects drinking water and activates immunity against infections caused by viruses and bacteria.INDICATIONS:- Total disinfection of drinking water- Strengthens resistance to bacterial and viral infections.- Keeps nasal passages white, and the throat perfect.COMPOSITION:- N..
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Belgavet Tzurex 400 grs (para una flora intestinal perfecta) Belgavet Tzurex 400 grs (para una flora intestinal perfecta)
-17 %
Belgavet Tzurex 400 gr - Energy for your birdsNew Belgavet Tzurex, a 100% natural product that provides energy for flight, proteins and keeps the intestinal flora in perfect balance. For pigeons and birdsINDICATIONS:- Provides extra energy for flight- Maintains the intestinal flora in its natural ba..
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Jodaline Super Elixir is a 100% natural product that helps regulate the metabolism and provides an extra dose of energy for the flight.INDICATIONS:- Regulates metabolism.- Provides an extra dose of energy to the body.- Improves physical fitness.INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:- During January, February and Mar..
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