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Trap for the red piojillo   Instructions:   1.- Spray the liquid in the carton.   2.- Next, roll the carton inside the tube and place it in the cages where we have problems of piojillos..
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Desparasitador against ticks and mites on ornamental birds and birds.   It protected during four weeks use.   It is used after the first move with a drop in the neck below the feathers in canaries and two drops in larger birds like parrots.   Pyrethrum 5% ( 50 g / kg )   ..
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The Red Pigeon Poustop, a 100% natural product and unique in the market, based on aromatic substances, which eliminates and protects against external parasites. INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Protects and eliminates external parasites - Can be mixed in the food or just placed under..
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Anti - Megabacteria (SjoerdZwart)Anti-megabacterial today, a lot of apple cider vinegar is used to acidify the water. This is to create an unfavourable environment until cultivation, so mega bacteria cannot survive. The eggshells are also of lower quality. Anti-Mega Bacteria works up to the stomach...
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Anti Worm (SjoerdZwart)Worms are a major problem in birds. Birds get worm eggs from food or by scratching the ground. Once these eggs are in the bird, they hatch in a short time. These mini-worms grow quite fast because of the food the bird receives. Most worms are found in the digestive tract. Worm..
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Anti-Tracheal Mite (SjoerdZwart)When a bird squeaks or gasps for air, we call it a tracheal mite. In reality, the bird suffers from mucus and bacteria in the airways. If it is not treated, it will only get worse. Eventually the bird will die from suffocation. With 1 drop on the neck for 2-3 day..
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Anti-Coccidiose (SjoerdZwart)Coccidiosis is a parasite that mainly affects the intestines of birds. If cocciciosis is in the small intestine, we see it in blood in the stool. If coccidiosis is higher in the intestine, the stools are black. In general, it is also more watery. Small veins of blood can..
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Natural Anticocidiosico (Manitoba) Cox Kill 200g   Complementary food, produced from natural plant extracts family (Asteraceae, Rosaceae, Fabaceae) has a anticocidica action, increasing resistance to the invasion of enterocytes.   The benefits resulting from the administration of thi..
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Natural liquid antipiojillo 50 ml (Anti-Luis liquid)Anti-dust miteMonthly, give the bird a drop on the neck or under the wing.It is also possible to mix Anti-Mite Liquid through drinking water. Start with 1 ml of anti-dust mites in 1 liter of water for 14 days. After that, add 1 ml to 1 liter of wat..
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AviMedica AviWormer 200 ml, (100% natural internal antiparasitic)   INDICATIONS: - High quality and 100% natural internal deparasitizer that keeps pigeons free of worms (Ascaridia sp., Capillaria sp., Heterakis sp.) - Composed by high concentrations of plant extracts that have unfavo..
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Becobio Liquid Ornizin | 100% Natural Antibiotic SubstituteThe best natural antibiotic substitute, with more than 5 years of studies with 100% plants, kills naturally and repels bacteria such as megabacteria, colibacillosis, escherichia coli, salmonellosis, completely natural, and a revolution in th..
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Fortepac-cox is a natural product produced by oregano extract (micro-encapsulated), eucalyptus (micro-encapsulated), propilenglicor, sucrose.   Properties:   It is a natural food for the prevention of diarrheal diseases by coccidia that can be used as a preventive or curative in case..
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Dogs, cats and birds: Natural insect repellent based on plant extracts. Acts against fleas and ticks and mosquito flying insects and transmitters of diseases.   HOW TO USE   external use, by application to the skin. Separate the hair between the shoulder blades until the skin is expo..
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HEESAKKERS gel   This blood lice gel is a perfect way to combat blood lice in the nest. And it is completely harmless to your birds. Place the gel inside the nest...
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Kure OrnizinOrnizin Kure (Coccidiosis)For deficiency states in birds with intestinal pathologies produced by coccidia or megabacteria.Target species:European fauna, exotic, canaries, psittacids, etc.INGREDIENTS:Natural plant extracts.ANALYSIS:Crude Protein: <1%, Crude Fiber: <0.1%, Ashes: <..
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INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Eliminates internal intestinal parasites as well as larvae and eggs - Eliminates 100% of capillaries and ascaridia eggs in less than 11 days - Eliminates 95% of coccidia Eimeria in the first 21 days - It does not have any kind of side effect ..
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The Red Pigeon Poustop, a 100% natural product and unique in the market, based on aromatic substances, which eliminates and protects against external parasites. INDICATIONS: - 100% natural product - Protects and eliminates external parasites - Can be mixed in the food or just placed under..
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Disinfectant against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi! Legal instructions for use: only permitted as a means of combating bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses in animal habitats. Dosage: 100 grams in 10 litres of water to combat bacteria. Dosage: 100 grams in 5 litres of water: to fight ..
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RED louse final disposal in the aviary   Accordingly red mite:   Our birds nervousness, weight loss, reduced immunity against infection, mortality of chickens and breeding caused by anemia.   The piojillo is a tiny parasite capable of carrying viruses and germs.   Ter..
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Special composition suitable for nests   90% of farmers, we fight all breeding seasons, to keep the nests of our clean and free of famous piojillo (red mite) birds.   TerraMix special nests, offers the solution. With their special formulation indicated for the treatment of mites and ..
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Vermibird is a 100% natural compound indicated for the elimination of intestinal parasites improving the intestinal health of our birds.Vermibird ensures optimal results, eliminating internal parasites and stimulating the appetite naturally and regulating the metabolism of our birds.Instructions for..
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Vermin AvianvetVermín Avianvet is a liquid supplement indicated during treatments and prevention of intestinal parasites of birds. Formulated based on alliaceous and other vegetable extracts with vermifuge effects. It has antimicrobial action, metabolism regulation and appetite stimulant.COMPOSITION..
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It helps to clean internal parasites.   Ingredients: Extracts of natural plants   Way of Use: apply 4 drops in 30ml of water 3 consecutive days every 4 months.   You can directly apply 1 drop in the peak as a single shot.   Shake well before use.   100 ml..
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