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NATURAL supplement against poisoning LIVER   Powdered nutritional supplement to add to pasta breeding, indicated for the treatment and prevention of poisoning and liver dysfunction. ENDS WITH liver poisoning !!   Dose: 2-3 tablespoons per kilo of feed for 30-45 days. ..
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Greenvet Biointegra is a powdered food supplement containing natural yeasts that potentiate the intestinal flora. Very useful in the case of digestive problems, problems in the growth of the chicks or weakness.   Characteristics: Reinforces the intestinal bacterial flora Improves food absorp..
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Spirulina Micro contains microencapsulated spirulina algae that favors the synthesis of pigments responsible for the dark color of feathers and skin. Spirulina Micro is rich in beta-carotene, proteins, amino acids and natural essential acids (gamma linolenic acid). Advantages of microencapsulat..
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Greenvet Nuovo Apasprint is a fertility and singing stimulator. Totally natural product made with plant extracts that promote sexual appetite. Very useful for the preparation of breeding and competitions.Dosage: 1 to 3 ml per liter of water (2 to 6 drops per drinker) or 4 to 6 ml per kg of pasta.How..
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Plasmatox contains plant extracts that act in the prevention and treatment of atoxoplasmosis and coccidiosis, two diseases that attack especially goldfinches, lúganos, verdigris, finches and other wild birds. Plasmatox acts in two ways, on the one hand it protects and strengthens the intestinal muco..
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Greenvet Biointegra is a food supplement powder containing natural yeast enhancer of intestinal flora. Very useful for digestive problems, growth problems or weak chicks.   Characteristics:   Strengthens the intestinal bacterial flora Improves absorption of food Regulates the..
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Privirum is a liquid food supplement indicated during the treatment and prevention of intestinal parasites in birds. It can be used in birds, parrots, pigeons, chickens and birds of prey. Privirum is a natural treatment for the control of flat and roundworms in all avian species.INDICATIONS: Adminis..
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Nutritional supplement soluble powder indicated during treatment and prevention of coccidiosis. Dosage: For 1 liter of water (5 to 10 g) per 100 liters (500 - 1000 g) and per kg of feed. How to use: 5-7 days every 21 days   100 grams..
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Natural dermatological solution, sanitizing and aid healing. It is useful in case of wet dermatitis, pyoderma and fungal infections 100 ml..
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Diseases: Gastrointestinal infections (salmonellosis, colibacillosis, immune system disorders, enteritis, diarrhea). liquid dietary supplement indicated for treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal infections and stimulation of the immune system   Directions: During 5-7 days every 21..
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Greenvet Zoofood P/L is a food supplement for birds made with natural plant extractsIndications: Respiratory problems in birds, adjuvant reinforcement of antibiotic treatments in respiratory diseases (mycoplasmosis, pasteurellosis, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia...)Composition: Fabaceae, Apiaceae,..
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GreenVet Nuovo Tricofood, for the control of trichomoniasis and other problems caused by protozoa such as Giardia spp, Cochlosoma spp, etc.INDICATIONS:- Treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis- It is also effective against problems caused by protozoa such as Giardia spp, Cochlosoma spp, etc.- Can..
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Selected yeast contains high enzymatic action.   Promotes the enhancement and reconstruction of the intestinal microbial flora in cases of diarrhea and during treatments with antibiotics or sulfonamides.   In lyophilized form, these live ferments are extremely resistant to normal amb..
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Liquid food supplement indicated during treatment and prevention of coccidiosis.   Dosage: per 100 l of water: 100-200ml; Per 1 liter of water: 1-2 ml (40-80 drops).   How to use: 5-7 days, every 21 days   Package: 100 ml...
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Gr Greenvet Micro is a powdered supplement used to treat and prevent diarrhea and intestinal infections caused by pathogenic bacteria. Gr Greenvet Micro stimulates the immune system and fights the bacteria causing the disease. Micro Gr acts against different types of Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Cl..
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Liquid food adjuvant indicated for the treatment and prevention of poisoning and liver dysfunction. ENDS WITH liver poisoning !!! Notes: Useful to stimulate natural physiological functions of the liver from dietary imbalances and poisoning, skin diseases, liver disease, toxicosis and steatosis. ..
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