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Jaula Palace
-13 %
The economical solution for all small and medium parrots as grays , amazons , Senegal parrots nymphs or size . With our cage Palace are included the following: Park top game with 2 stainless steel troughs 10 cm in diameter. Tray in the game park . Hook accessory toys holder in the upper p..
129.94€ 149.95€
Ex Tax:107.39€
-15 %
NEKTON-GELB enhances the yellow coloring of yellow canaries, orioles, dwarf chickens, mutations of finches (especially yellow lutinos) as well as birds whose feathers containing carotenes.   NEKTON-GELB is soluble in water so it can be supplied either in the drinking water or on the bland di..
6.95€ 8.19€
Ex Tax:6.32€
Twin Macaw
-7 %
Super Twin cage Macaw is the largest carrier of   Suitable to house several parrots and macaws, together or separately and for the reproduction of most species. It is the largest compact cage; It has internal division, which can be removed and easily-and nest door. ..
679.96€ 729.95€
Ex Tax:561.95€
-14 %
QUIKO MED FOR BIRDS   Med Quiko powder is a completely natural extract without any known side effects. Kills bacteria, fungi and intestinal coccidia of birds. Composition: Each 100 grams contains Quiko Med 5 g of aetheroleum Origani (oregano).   How to use: Therapeutic Dosage..
59.95€ 69.95€
Ex Tax:54.50€
Escalera de loro 85 cm
-34 %
Climbing Parrots / Cockatiels It consists of 4 steps Sisal Natural Living, wooden trunks and hook. Measurements: 85 cm The birds love this by climbing ropes and natural logs..
4.95€ 7.50€
Ex Tax:4.09€
Bipal Calcium Micronizado 250 gr
-12 %
Calcium for canaries, parrots and exotic. Calcium Bipal. Bipal Calcium is an extra supply to strengthen the eggshell and thus minimize the level of breakage of these. Calcium is an essential mineral in the diet of birds besides their vital functions as the main component of bone structure...
5.25€ 5.99€
Ex Tax:4.77€
Boldo (100% puro)
-30 %
Natural food supplement indicated for birds and ornamental birds, composed of boldo extract.   Specifications   The liver is one of the main organs involved in maintaining the health of birds.   Several of its functions: * Intervenes in digestion; * Helps in the elimi..
3.45€ 4.95€
Ex Tax:3.14€
Cúrcuma (100% Puro)
-13 %
Turmeric, antioxidant that helps digestion.   INDICATIONS: - Unique compound based on turmeric, very strong antioxidant and a great eliminator of harmful substances. - It favors the circulation of blood. - Favors digestion.   HOW TO USE: - Before the start of the seas..
3.45€ 3.95€
Ex Tax:3.14€
Hinojo (100% Puro)
-30 %
Pure crushed fennel Fennel seed helps balance the digestive system promotes digestion, reduces intestinal discomfort, facilitates evacuation and fights constipation. ideal for: Goldfinches, Greenfinches, Finches, Pardillos, Canaries and other similar birds. • Very rich in vitamin A, vita..
3.45€ 4.95€
Ex Tax:3.14€
Insecticida Eicon Emulsionable 250 ml
-30 %
Insecticide for disinfection of aviaries   Active components: Cypermethrin: 10%   Appearance: clear fluid liquid.   Color: slightly yellow   Smell: Aromatic.   Applications:   Insecticide for zoosanitary use.   It is indicated for the control o..
9.73€ 13.90€
Ex Tax:8.04€
Pajarera hexagonal Oporto
-20 %
Oporto hexagonal birdhouse   Spacious bird cage in a hexagonal shape suitable to accommodate all kinds of birds such as exotic, tropical, canaries, parakeets, lovebirds, nymphs, etc.     It is a very large cage suitable for installing a small colony of tropical or several pa..
199.95€ 249.95€
Ex Tax:165.25€
Transportin para loros StrongCages
-42 %
The StrongCages parrot carrier is the best choice when you want to take your parrot with you.   This model has a wooden innkeeper and two plastic trays for food / drink.   It is equipped with a removable drawer so that cleaning is not so stressful.   The fixed transport handl..
37.85€ 64.95€
Ex Tax:31.28€
Vitamina K1 Animalpro
-20 %
Fytomenadion (K1) is essential for bone metabolism better vascular resistance - essential for blood clotting - after administration of a sulfate based and antibiotics.   Also with problems peak and / or -less nnas infeciones influence fungal and can help return damage liver!   50 gra..
16.30€ 20.50€
Ex Tax:14.82€
Vitamin and mineral supplement Bipal TOTAL 500 g
-13 %
With TOTAL Biopal get: 1 - complete with anemia and other deficiency diseases currently suffering most birds in captivity and that the breeder does not decta. 2 - The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous. 3 - Eliminate digestive disorders, diarrhea therefore food (soft droppings)..
2.45€ 2.83€
Ex Tax:2.23€
Pulverizer 1L
-33 %
Article is convenient for bathing, worming and local birds. Simply enter the desired liquid spray inside, close and ready to use...
1.51€ 2.25€
Ex Tax:1.25€
transportin 8 jaulas
-0 %
Carriers eight cages C-1 (1 stick) or cages C-2 (2 sticks) Description: Fabric Camouflage with Front embroidery choice: Goldfinch, Linnet and Greenfinch..
55.00€ 55.00€
Ex Tax:45.45€
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