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It is a liquid supplement, 100% natural, which combines medicinal plants, essential oils and organic acids, stimulates the digestive system, strengthens immunity, reduces mortality and improves production parameters: weight, egg laying, egg uniformity. It is also very effective in preventing fungi, ..
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THE NATURAL SOLUTION   Natural Biological Extract of acids and herbs. Thanks to its synergistic combination of short and medium chain fatty acids with organic acids it has a bactericidal effect against Gram - (E. Coli, Salmonella, etc.) and Gram + (Clostridium, etc.), molds and yeasts. ..
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Phytobiotic in liquid form, specifically designed to aid in the control of intestinal diseases such as colibacillosis and salmonellosis by improving intestinal integrity in poultry and pigeons. The formulation based on fatty acids and plant extracts is an interesting alternative to conventional anti..
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PALOMA ORÉGANO   INDICATIONS:   - It favors the growth of the chicks. - It favors fertility - 10% natural energy source, facing high competition. - Improves absorption of nutrients - Stimulates intestinal flora - Reduces the risk of diseases - It is recommende..
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Natural shampoo for birds with Jojoba incorporated, which combines moisturising and conditioning properties giving shine and softness to the plumage, with panthenol (Vitamin B5) that has healing and rejuvenating effects on the plumage, with wild seaweed, rich in beneficial minerals and antioxidants ..
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