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Teccox microencapsulado (anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano)

Teccox microencapsulado (anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano) Canariz
Teccox microencapsulado (anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano)

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Teccox microencapsulation: anti-coccidian and anti-bacterial

It is effective against all types of bacteria, even acting against blackheads and mega-bacteria.

Solving the problems that occur in breeding and keeping the birds in perfect health.

Its composition, based on essential oil extracts (antibiotics of natural origin) and short and medium chain food fatty acids, allows it to be used all year round.

The excellent combination of natural essences (more than seven) with fatty acids (more than eight) ensures perfect intestinal function and optimum bird health, acidifying the intestine and effectively combating coccidia, improving food digestion and optimising nutrient absorption.

It allows and encourages the growth of the intestinal flora by stimulating the immune system and stabilising the water and electrolyte balance, reducing or eliminating diarrhoea. Protecting and promoting the development of basic intestinal villi for the correct functioning of the bird's intestine.


Micro-encapsulation technology manages to protect the bioactive components as they pass through the gastrointestinal tract, reaching the intestine intact where they are metabolised, acting directly where their action is needed. It prevents the bioactive components from being metabolised, absorbed or volatilised before they reach the intestine.

It is used by applying it directly to the dry and wet breeding paste.

In germinated or cooked seeds.

In daily feed, mixtures of seeds given as sweets or directly where they can be mixed with some poppy seeds or similar always at the recommended doses, except when they are given directly.

100 g container and 250 grs

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