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Best Condition Seeds of Health (Manitoba)   Professional mixing premium quality for all kinds of birds consists of canary seed, elm, sesame, hemp seed, white goatee, chicory, white lettuce, red rape, colza, red millet, red millet, poppy, black lettuce, cardon and oats peeled. Recommended For..
Ex Tax:9.05€
Manitoba Mix Agapornis Parakeets universal 3 kgIt is a high quality professional mixture for lovebirds.Sunflower seed free.Ingredients: seeds, cereals, eggs, mineral substances, vitamins, vegetable protein extract and enriched with nectar...
Ex Tax:5.82€
Mixture T3 Platinum (With Knob)Professional mix of extra quality of the Manitoba brand, with high quality seeds especially for feeding Canaries, although it can also be used in Goldfinches, Wild, exotic, etc. ,Thanks to its composition that does not contain seeds that produce doré, it prevents the a..
Ex Tax:15.41€
Mxt. Canario T3 (Manitoba)   Professional Mixing extra, Special quality Canarios composed canary seed, elm, flax and hemp. Recommended Formula balanced throughout the year.   Presentation: Bag 1 and 20 kg   Important: 1 and 20 kg format is a repackaged presentation of the ori..
Ex Tax:49.95€
Mixture T5 ManitobaExtra quality professional mix.Special for Canaries composed of seeds of canary grass, negrillo, perilla, flaxseed, rapeseed and hempseed.Balanced formula recommended throughout the year.20KG..
Ex Tax:3.14€
Mxt. Cardelino Extra (Manitoba)   Extra professional quality, Special Blend Cardenalitos and Goldfinches composed canary seed, elm, flax, hemp, dactylis, lettuce and white goatee. Recommended Formula balanced throughout the year.   Presentation: Bag 1 y 15 kg   Important: 1 k..
Ex Tax:59.05€
Mxt. Premium Diamante (Manitoba)   Professional seed mix for short-beaked Exotics Diamond Gould composed canary, yellow millet, millet, Japanese millet, red millet, negrillo and goatee. Recommended Formula balanced throughout the year.   Presentation: Bag 1 kg   Important: 1k..
Ex Tax:1.86€
Carduelidi + Chia (Manitoba)   Mayor Goldfinch   Extra quality professional mixing, Special to Jilgueros Mayor consists of seeds white goatee, dactylis, white lettuce, chicory, elm, canary seed, linseed, sesame, black lettuce, chia, male pipe, camelina, poppy, beautiful nig..
Ex Tax:5.14€
Spinus & Spinus (Manitoba)   Professional mixing extra quality, Especially for European wildlife and Indian composed canary seed, elm, chicory, cabbage, white lettuce, chard, flaxseed, hempseed, red millet, poppy, sesame, erba mazzolina, beautiful night and camelina. Recommended Formula bala..
Ex Tax:3.32€
Spinus Extra Fancy   Special for Carduelis   Professional mixing Extra Special Carduelis Spinus quality, black heads, and bold tristis composed of Bolivia canary seed, chicory, negrillo, white goatee, thistle, white lettuce, sesame, linseed, camelina, black lettuce, fennel, anise, re..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Mortar Yellow Pate "Pate Carnival" (Manitoba) Description: Complementary paste with cookies for all types of birds, contains bakery products, oils and fats, honey, extracts of vegetable proteins, mineral substances, milk, egg products and bananas. Format: Bag 400 gr..
Ex Tax:1.55€
Pasta Yellow Morbid Splendido (Manitoba)   Yellow Pasta extra moist professional quality for all kinds of birds, dye-based bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, oils and fats, natural sugars, egg and egg products, seeds, minerals, milk substances and derivatives milk aromas. ..
Ex Tax:10.55€
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