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Bipal-Pasta for poultry hatchlings zootechnical use probiotics.   Bipal breeding paste is the ideal food for breeding, since they are used ingredientesnaturales, probiotics, amino acids and high protein value 17.5%. It is especially suitable for the breeding season as staple food and breedin..
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Paste Bipal- offspring of birds zootechnical use with probiotics .   Bipal paste cria is the ideal place to raise food , as used ingredientesnaturales , probiotics , amino acids and high protein value 17.5 %. It is especially suitable for the breeding season as a staple of chicks and breedin..
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HIGHEST HYGIENIC QUALITY disinfectant cleaning product (cages, trays, drinkers, feeders, nests and aviary in general).It is based on a synergistic mixture of isopropyl alcohol and quatemmonium ammonium, with surfactants and degreasers, for cleaning and disinfection in a single operation of heavily c..
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Calcium for canaries, parrots and exotic. Calcium Bipal. Bipal Calcium is an extra supply to strengthen the eggshell and thus minimize the level of breakage of these. Calcium is an essential mineral in the diet of birds besides their vital functions as the main component of bone structure...
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Total Exotic Bipal (With a special GRIT for this type of birds) Biological, vitamin and mineral supplement for exotic birds. Bipal Total Exoticos is a natural, biological, vitamin and mineral product with amino acids necessary for the health of exotic birds in captivity...
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Bipal high quality white paste that does not cause dorado, ideal for breeding and maintenance for canaries, parakeets, exotics and all types of granivorous birds.Composed only with natural ingredients of first quality.BIPAL Breeding Paste is the ideal food for breeding, since it uses natural and fir..
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BIPAL PROTECTIVE, PROTECTOR OF EXTERNAL PARASITES   100% natural, ecological, inert and iniquitous product made from marine dust and different types of minerals of vegetable origin.   Bipal Protective is created with a single purpose, to offer welfare to the bird. The state of the tr..
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High protein to mix with pasta breeding Bipal Protein is a biological, vitamin, mineral and amino acids necessary to increase the protein in birds in captivity complement. With Protein Bipal we get:      Increase pulp properties breeding.      Increase the bodys defenses birds      O..
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Bipal Recuperator 700gr, (40% protein, vitamin B and minerals).   INDICATIONS: - Supplement with 40% protein to mix with the mixture. - It also contains vitamins and minerals - Stimulates growth and strengthens the bodys defenses. - Organic activator especially indicated for ..
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All the needs of exotic birds covered in a single product:Bipal Total Exotics is manufactured with a special grit for this type of birds. In addition, it is a biological, vitamin and mineral supplement with amino acids necessary for health.Exotic birds in the wild take from nature all the necessary ..
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With TOTAL Biopal get: 1 - complete with anemia and other deficiency diseases currently suffering most birds in captivity and that the breeder does not decta. 2 - The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous. 3 - Eliminate digestive disorders, diarrhea therefore food (soft droppings)..
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Vitamin and mineral Grit for canaries Bipal Grit is a natural, biological, vitamin, mineral and amino acid product, necessary for health and good nutrition balance canary. His great contribution in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which make it particularly suitable to prevent diseases ..
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