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Medox (La versión natural del famoso ESB3 de Bayer)

Medox (La versión natural del famoso ESB3 de Bayer) Red Pigeon
Medox (La versión natural del famoso ESB3 de Bayer)
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- Cleanses the body and removes bacteria from the body

- Excellent during the breeding season

- Strengthens newly weaned young, preventing them from getting sick

- No side effects

- Dramatically reduces mortality in the nest


- 100% natural product based on herbs, essential oils and essential organic acids

How to use:

- Before breeding; 2 weeks before breeding, treat for 5 consecutive days. This cleanses the body of bacteria and prevents the newborn pups from having bacteria in their system.

- As a routine, a treatment every 1-2 months is recommended. This significantly reduces the risk of disease and the need to use antibiotics.


- 10 ml per liter of water


- 250ml bottle

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