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nekton tonic k

nekton tonic k Nekton

nekton tonic k
nekton tonic k
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Nekton Tonic -K is a high quality product that reinforces and supplements the diet of seed-eating birds with vitamins , minerals and trace elements.
However, the value of this tonic does not reside only in the presence of all these essential components, but in balance. Necton TONIC -K , with its balanced composition guarantees the perfect tonic for your type of bird.
Nekton Tonic -K is used to reinforce the daily diet with vitamins , minerals and trace elements , so that pets have better face and well being.
Nekton Tonic -K is a balanced nutritional supplement for all seed-eating birds . Fortified with vitamins , minerals , trace elements , proteins , essential fatty acids and carbohydrates . It is especially useful during moulting , breeding young newcomers acclimate , or changing cages . It has also proven to be an excellent aid in raising young animals
To be of value to the body, a tonic must enter the bloodstream and spread rapidly . Adding Nekton TONIC -K as a supplement not only increases the nutritional value of the food but also provides the necessary nutrients and active substances , without putting much pressure on the digestive organs.
Nekton TONIC -K is composed of 60 substances which, when put together, give rise to a particularly balanced tonic and an exceptional dietary supplement.
Nekton TONIC -K contains:
- Carbohydrates to give added energy metabolism and strengthen the activity.
- Proteins are made from plant matter to which the bird is used in its natural environment . In addition, 18 pure amino acids have been added to increase the nutritional value of this amazing tonic.
- Essential Fatty Acids , the body of the bird needs and help prevent diseases due to deficiencies .
- Vitamins and pro-vitamins , which are vital . The organic substances should be present in the diet of a bird to prevent irremediable diseases.
- Minerals and trace elements. Even if a bird does not receive a sufficient supply of these vital substances regularly, your body secretes constantly , so any tonic must have a high content of minerals and trace elements , to be effective at long range. In this regard, you can depend on Nekton TONIC -K completely.
How to use
Nekton Tonic -K is soluble in water in powder form . It comes in 200 gr boat .
The use of two or three times a week either in soft water or food , to prevent disease due to deficiencies is recommended. In cases of stress, it is advisable to use it every day to counteract the effects of the move, re- caging , exhibitions and acclimatization.
Dissolve 20 ml = 10g nekton TONIC -K in 100 ml of water ( or part TONIC K approx. 3 1/ 3 parts water to make a slurry ) and serve in a bowl with the seeds. In young birds the solution may be supplied through a drip spout or directly into the crop by means of a tube or needle. As soon as weaning birds fed with a spoon , 10 to 15 days old , add fiber (eg . Boiled rice ) .
Make sure the water dispenser or drinking fountain is completely sterile before home use.
Sprinkle Nekton Tonic -K powder on soft food or fruit. We recommend approx. 20 ml = 10 gr. Nekton TONIC -K to 100 gr. = 3 ½ ounce of food . Please make sure your bird has enough Nekton Tonic K - potable water on hand .
Store in a dark , dry , cool place. In a closed container and stored properly Nekton vitamins TONIC -K remain valid until the expiry date .
200 grs.

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