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Natural Vitamineral 1 Kilo

Natural Vitamineral 1 Kilo Estados carenciales
Natural Vitamineral 1 Kilo
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Natural Vitamineral contains all the minerals necessary for a balanced diet. Natural launched Natural Vitamineral in 1952, becoming the first company to produce a special vitamin mineral mix for homing and racing pigeons.

Natural Vitamineral has quickly gained the trust of Belgian fanciers as it has been an important advance in the feeding habits of racing pigeons. Natural Granen has constantly improved the composition of Natural Vitamineral.

In addition to the essential minerals, Naturales Vitamineral contains vitamins a, D and E, which are necessary for the assimilation of these minerals. These vitamins have a positive impact on the growth of the young and fertility.

Natural Vitamineral is a product that is indispensable for pigeons throughout the year. Vitamineral therefore must always be present in the loft. The pigeons are consumed only according to their physiological needs are real.

Consumption will be more pronounced when they return from a competition, as well as during reproduction and moulting. Breeders who feed their young ingest up to 650 mg of calcium per day.

Natural Vitamineral accelerates the growth of pigeons and improves their resistance.

How to use

Always leave the Natural Vitamineral in a small bowl, which is easily accessible to the pigeons.

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