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Bioacid 2.0 100 grs UNICA

Bioacid 2.0 100 grs UNICA Acidificantes
Bioacid 2.0 100 grs UNICA
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Bioacid 2.0 Favorably modulates the PH of the mucous membranes, such as the crop, the gizzard and the intestine. This controls all fungal diseases, it also makes the digestive tract inhospitable to all harmful protozoa, salmonella and coccidia.

It is completely natural, the acids that make up the product are obtained from Italian fruit and not from in vitro mold cultures.

It is easily soluble and it is recommended to use 1 gr./liter in drinking water, in repeated cycles. It is also suitable for daily use, all year round.

It also provides important vitamins.

100g container

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