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Serinus pienso silvestre muda

Serinus pienso silvestre muda Food goldfinches and wild

Serinus pienso silvestre muda
Serinus pienso silvestre muda
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Feed suitable for wild birds of the fringilid family. Serinus formulas are complete feeds. Birds get all the nutrients they need for optimum health, excellent vigour and excellent plumage quality.

The moulting formula is indicated to form the basis of the diet during the moulting period. It facilitates and accelerates moulting.

Designed to be fed as a single diet. Optionally can be used with seeds in mixed diets.

mixed diets. It is advisable to supply vegetable leaves periodically in order to give variety to the diet. Should be fed dry and in feeders with grids. Store in a cool, dry place.

Daily consumption: approximately 3-4 g per day and bird.

COMPOSITION: Cereal grains and derived products, vegetable oils (high oleic sunflower, crude palm, refined linseed), dehydrated whole egg, sugars, oilseeds, oil fruits and derived products, dried brewer's yeast, tubers, roots and derived products, minerals and derived products (contains 1.5% flint sand), other plants, algae and derived products, inulin (Cichorium intybus), Marigold meal (Tagetes erecta).

ADDITIVES: Vitamins: 3a672a Vitamin A: 8000 IU/kg; 3a671 Vitamin D3: 1400 IU/kg; 3a700 Vitamin E: 300 mg/kg; 3a300 Vitamin C: 200 mg/kg; 3a710 Vitamin K3: 5 mg/kg; 3a820 Vitamin B1: 25 mg/kg; 3a825i Vitamin B2: 20 mg/kg; 3a831 Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine hydrochloride: 25 mg/kg; Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin: 100 µg/kg; 3a841 D-calcium pantothenate: 20 mg/kg; 3a314 Niacin: 125 mg/kg; 3a316 Folic acid: 4 mg/kg; 3a880 Biotin: 700 µg/kg; 3a890 Choline chloride: 1800 mg/kg; 3a160(a) Beta-carotene: 50 mg/kg; 3a920 Betaine anhydrous: 250 mg/kg. Trace elements: 3b106 Iron (amino acid iron (II) chelate hydrous): 45 mg/kg; 3b406 Copper (amino acid copper (II) chelate hydrous): 1 mg/kg; 3b504 Manganese (amino acid manganese chelate hydrous): 83 mg/kg; 3b606 Zinc (amino acid zinc chelate hydrate): 85 mg/kg; 3b202 Iodine (calcium iodate anhydrous): 1 mg/kg; 3b814 Selenium (hydroxy analogue of selenomethionine): 330 µg/kg. Amino acids, their salts and analogues: 3.2.3 L-Lysine: 237 mg/kg; 3c301 DL-Methionine: 298 mg/kg; 3c391 L-Cystine: 177 mg/kg. Antioxidants: 1b306 (ii) Tocopherol-rich extracts of vegetable oils (rich in delta-tocopherol): 140 mg/kg; 1b304 Ascorbyl palmitate: 30 mg/kg. Flavourings: 1,5 g/kg.

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