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Bolas de grasa 50 unds de 90 grs - Benelux

Bolas de grasa 50 unds de 90 grs - Benelux Snacks for birds

Bolas de grasa 50 unds de 90 grs - Benelux
Bolas de grasa 50 unds de 90 grs - Benelux
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  • Model 6941
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Food supplement for free birds in the form of balls, which can be hung from a branch.


Very useful in the cold season when food is scarce.


The ball of fat is a product of the highest quality, made with refined bovine fat, mixed with seeds and pieces of peanuts.

The ball goes inside a plastic net, ideal for hanging both inside the cage and in aviaries, aviaries and even for feeding birds in forests and gardens.

Poultry Fat Balls Fat balls are very high in protein and fat.

A bird's song like that of a canary requires a continuous, high-calorie food supply. This animal by-product, high in energy, provides a wide variety of nutrients to birds and other wild animals and is especially helpful in winter for the accumulation of fat and to better cope with the cold.


Cereals, oils, mineral substances, peanuts, various seeds, bovine tallow.

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