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Psittacus Sprouting Helper 250 ml

Psittacus Sprouting Helper 250 ml     Seed Sprouter

Psittacus Sprouting Helper 250 ml
Psittacus Sprouting Helper 250 ml
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Sprouting Helper is a product based on citrus extracts that facilitates the germination process, minimizing the risk of fungal and / or bacterial growths.
It is indicated to incorporate it into the water used in the rinsing and hydration of the seeds to germinate. It is also indicated to prolong the potability time of the water in the drinking troughs.
For sprouts: Use a 1-2 ml solution of Sprouting Helper per liter of water.
For drinking water: from 0.25 to 0.5 ml / liter.
It is essential to select only seeds with a high percentage of germination. The seeds without germination capacity will not improve during the process and will tend to spoil, hindering the correct germination of the live seeds and the final obtaining of a good germinate.
First day: Repeatedly rinse the seeds first with plenty of water and then with water enriched with Sprouting Helper at the dose indicated above. Then hydrate the seeds by keeping them in the water solution and Sprouting Helper for 24 hours, at room temperature and at a rate of 2-3 liters of solution per kg of seeds.
Second day: It is best to rinse the already hydrated seeds once more in a freshly prepared solution and let them drain. It is necessary to put the still wet seeds in a bowl or similar container (with drainage holes) and let them rest for 24 hours.
Third day: Depending on the characteristics of the seed to germinate and the ambient temperature, these 24 hours may be sufficient for the germination process to begin. If these 24 hours are insufficient, rinse and re-immerse the seeds for 15-30 minutes in the Sprouting Helper solution, drain and wait another 24 hours.
- Once germination has started, the seeds will be ready for consumption.
-If you intend to use the same germinate for several days, it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator in closed containers, but not hermetic, and rinse it daily with Sprouting Helper solution.
- The smell of the germinated is an excellent indicator of its quality. We must refrain from supplying the birds with sprouts that do not give off a good smell.
- Heat is generated during the germination process. It is important that the temperature inside the mass of germinating seeds does not increase excessively. The thickness of the seed layer and the ambient temperature have a decisive influence on the accumulation of heat.

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