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Nido Sansara 2gr verde Art. 181G

Nido Sansara 2gr NEST
Nido Sansara 2gr NEST
Nido Sansara 2gr NEST
Nido Sansara 2gr NEST

Nido Sansara 2gr verde Art. 181G
Nido Sansara 2gr verde Art. 181G
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  • Brands 2Gr
  • Model 3600
  • EAN: 8033844762089
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Nido SamSara 2GR - Nest for Canaries and Finches
The SamSara nest of 2GR is a practical and comfortable nest for canaries and finches birds in general, made entirely of solid plastic.
The SamSara nest belongs to the category of external nests or it must be applied externally to the cage in correspondence of a flap, in this way it is avoided to reduce the living space inside the cage itself.
The inner basket, where the canary builds the nest, has an internal diameter of 10 cm and is completely removable.
On the top of the SamSara canary nest there is a special egg drawer with lid to hold and protect the eggs during the spawning period if they are replaced with plastic fake eggs.
On the back door it is possible to insert a special brooding card to record the start date of laying, number of rings, etc.
Dimension cm 12,5 x 19,5 x 16,5 - Diameter basket 10 cm
Plastic Composition
Type Nest for canaries and finches birds

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