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Orégano Polvo de Disfa 250 gr (Antinfeccioso)

Oregano Polvo (Disfa) 250 gr Otros
Orégano Polvo de Disfa 250 gr (Antinfeccioso)
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It acts against bacteria, coccidia and intestinal fungi, inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella, E-coli, coccidiosis, worm fungi and streptococcus, without harming the development of the intestinal flora. In addition, its vermicidal and fungicidal action is high, which ensures that there are no resident strains left in the treated bird.

Composition: 100% pure concentrated oregano powder

Indicated use: it can be supplied both preventively to prevent the development of diseases, and curatively in the case of already affected birds. Especially indicated for newborn pigeons, it reduces the risk of death and prevents the affected broodstock from contaminating the eggs and young.

Dosage: 10 gr. per 1 Kg of Pasta

Available format: Bucket 250 gr.

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