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Serinus Papilla Canarios Blancos

Serinus Papilla Canarios Blancos Birds papilleras

Serinus Papilla Canarios Blancos
Serinus Papilla Canarios Blancos
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  • Brands Serinus
  • Model 3863

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Manual breeding porridge for breed canaries that should not show red, orange or yellowish colors (including recessive white) in their plumage.
It does not contain carotenoids. With high levels of vitamin A.
It is designed to manually breed canaries with white coloration. Simplifies the manual breeding process and ensures excellent chick growth.
Serinus formulas are complete foods. The birds obtain all the necessary nutrients to enjoy optimum health, excellent vigor and an unbeatable quality of plumage. They are designed to be supplied as a single diet.
The white formulas are foods designed for races that, due to the standards of established competitions, should not manifest in their plumage reddish, anarranjado or yellowish colors. These are free of carotenoids and xanthophylls and in counterpart contain higher levels of other antioxidants and vitamin A.
We must prepare the porridge with warm water and it should not be kept hot or reheated once prepared. The number of feedings per day depends on the age of each animal.
Its use is recommended until the moment of emancipation. In the weaning phase it will be replaced gradually by solid food.
Stage It can be supplied from hatching to emancipation.
Approximately 25% solids in warm water (from the second or third day).
Guide Offer baby food to the pigeons until they are satisfied and stop asking.

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