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pasta pineta blanco español

pasta pineta blanco español Morbid pasta

pasta pineta blanco español
pasta pineta blanco español
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Pasta pineta white Spanish
It is a white, smooth paste, egg-free, formulated with high quality ingredients, it is of great taste and esadecuado for all granivorous birds, including parrots and exotic. and especil to lipochromes.
It contains no artificial colors or ingredients that could alter the natural color of the plumage. is a food (high quality) with particular characteristics which meets and meets nutritional needs. The protein is concentrated amino acid is a high quality, animal, easily absorbed, easy to digest, high-impact plastic. If necessary, adding suitable colorants promotes plumage pigmentation and especially recommended during the moulting.
Recommended Use: Ideal for preparing females for breeding, maintenance and moulting. Formula balanced recommended throughout the year for maximum balance and wellbeing.
Ingredients: Cereal grain products, products of other seeds or fruit, other plant products, dairy products, oils and fats, products processing industry beet sugar, minerals
Usage: Just like that.
Dose: freely available.
Nutritional information per kg:
Vitamin A / 0900 IU Vitamin A 3
Vitamin D3 / Vitamin D3 200 IU
Vitamin E / Vitamin E 25 mg
Vitamin K / 25 mg vitamin K
Vitamin B2 / 25 mg Vitamin B2
Vitamin PP / 60.50 mg Vitamin PP
Calcium D -Pant. / D-Calcium pantothenate 50 mg
Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B6 4.10 mg
Vitamin H / H 0.10 mg Vitamin
Vitamin B1 / 3 mg Vitamin B1
Folic Acid / Folate 1.1 mg
Aspartic acid / aspartic acid 3.434 mg
Glutammico acid / glutamic acid 2,661 mg
Leucine / 8,925 mg leucine
Lysine / lysine 5,450 mg
Threonine / Threonine 4.615 mg
Isoleucine / Isoleucine 5,715 mg
Valine / valine 0.600 m 3 g
Phenylalanine / 6,580 mg phenylalanine
Tyrosine / Tyrosine 4,870 mg
Arginine / arginine 7,051 mg
Cysteine ??/ cystine 2,070 mg
Glycine / Glycine 8 0.425 m g
Tryptophan / Tryptophan 1 0.625 m g
Istidina / histidine 0.000 m 3 g
Serine / serine 2,970 mg
Proline / Proline 8 0.819 m g
Methionine / methionine 2.300 mg
Ferro / Iron 8.26 mg
Rame / Copper 5.29 mg
Zinco / Zinc 5 mg
Manganese / Manganese 3 mg
Cobalt / Cobalt 2.16 mg
Iodio / Iodine 0.5 mg
Packaging: 1 Kg.

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