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Bebedero Lucca 400 cc

Bebedero Lucca 400 cc DRINKING

Bebedero Lucca 400 cc
Bebedero Lucca 400 cc
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Lucca drinkers are equipped with a locking ring on the bars of the cage to ensure better stability.

The rimless siphon drinker is a variant of the classic drinker that differs from the latter by the absence of the rim at the bottom of the siphon.

It is exclusively an aesthetic feature that does not affect the watering of the birds but affects more the practical part related to cleaning.

In fact, many breeders prefer rimless drinking bottles because cleaning operations are faster and more practical, since dirt can often settle on the rims.

The blue color of the siphon guarantees better water conservation as it filters sunlight.

However, it is advisable to renew the drinking water daily.

For which birds can rimless siphon drinkers be used?

Rimless siphon drinkers can be used for all small and medium-sized domestic birds.

Specifically, as they are external drinkers that are applied to the outside of the cage or aviary, they are widely used for canaries, goldfinches, exotic birds, finches and small parrots such as parakeets, lovebirds and cockatoos.

Technical characteristics of rimless siphon drinkers
The drinkers for sale on this page belong to the rimless series, that is, the siphon is perfectly smooth at the end except for some hinges that are intended to improve the closure with the base.

This characteristic does not affect the functioning of the drinker and less so its use by the birds.

This is solely and exclusively a technical feature intended to facilitate siphon cleaning operations.

In particular, these siphon drinkers can be used in cages with vertical bars as they are designed to be placed outside the cage.

We do not recommend the use of this drinker with cages with horizontal bars as it would not be possible to apply it to the cage.

Capacity: 400cc.

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