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Comedero / Tolva Moldes Ave

Comedero / Tolva Moldes Ave
Comedero / Tolva Moldes Ave
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Pide por teléfono
95 513 24 03
Horario de Lunes a Viernes de 07:00 a 15:00
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Hopper for Italian and Portuguese cages, with innkeeper, of great capacity and resistance, and with a hole in the top to facilitate recharging if need to open the lid. With sliding lid to facilitate the filling of the trough and removable for easy cleaning. In addition, its design prevents birds from lifting the lid and escaping.
It allows to load a large amount of food and to administer it little by little, like a hopper, thus preventing the birds from throwing and digging a lot into the food and ensuring the freshness of the food, since it is recharged at the top.
The hole, makes the recharge of feeders very fast, ideal for large aviaries.
The separation of the hopper is adjustable, which allows to vary the amount of food to which the bird has access.
This feeder belongs to the professional accessory line of Moldes Ave, and facilitates the supply of food to our birds.
Made of ultra-resistant plastic, long-lasting, and semi-flexible, to prevent breakage, it makes it one of the most resistant alternatives to the passage of time on the market.

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