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Super Plus Cría Dival Hoyo is easy and fast to prepare, it is a food with a high protein content that favors the embuche and growth of the birds, it also eliminates the risk of bacterial and germination diseases, such as mycosis.Target species: ornamental birdsPresentation of Super Plus Cría Dival H..
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I think Unique Canarios Dival Hoyo is a complete food for birds, with a mixture that provides the daily nutrients necessary for your birds. It also includes extra ingredients, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.Target species: ornamental birds.Presentation I Think Unico Canarios Dival Hoyo: 5 kg..
Ex Tax:16.82€
Complete and balanced food for all kinds of birds. Special for the breeding season.Composition:Bakery products, creams, oils and quick extracts of vegetable proteins, various sugars, minerals, seeds, milk and derivatives of milk. Vitamin A 9000 IU, Vitamin D3 600 IU, Vitamin E 6mg, Vitamin BI 3mg, V..
Ex Tax:8.64€
Lutein-based natural yellow dye. This food supplement intensifies the yellow color of the plumage of birds, and increases resistance. The formed feather retains its color until the formation of a new feather. Product not soluble in water, therefore it must be administered with food.Composition: Anti..
Ex Tax:22.68€
Supplement indicated for the moulting phase. Its carefully selected vitamin, mineral and amino acid composition, together with the use of prebiotics, allows the bird's metabolism to function optimally, especially at liver level, contributing to a better performance of the defences in stressful situa..
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