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Garpel Fortepac - Vitaminas y aminoacidos para Gallos

Garpel Fortepac  - Vitaminas y aminoacidos para Gallos Fortepac

Garpel Fortepac - Vitaminas y aminoacidos para Gallos
Garpel Fortepac - Vitaminas y aminoacidos para Gallos
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Garpel Fortepac - Vitamins and amino acids for Roosters

Liquid complementary feed created based on vitamins and amino acids especially for the physical performance of birds.

Additionally, the product helps protect the heart and muscle tissues from those, aimed at a rapid reaction to stress, due to physical exertion or lack of nutrients, increases energy metabolism, strengthens the metabolism of the liver and kidneys, increasing the performance of physical efforts.

FORTEPAC-FORTE is a highly recommended product to maintain optimal performance in bird health, performance and fertility.

How to use:

Administer 3 ml per 1 liter of water, administer 2 or 3 days a week throughout the preparation period.

Composition: (per liter)

Vitamin A 250.00 I.U.

Vitamin D3 (E67) 65.00 I.U.

Vitamin E 17,000mg

Vitamin K 2,000mg

Corresponds to vitamin K3. 4,000mg

Vitamin B1 2,000mg

Vitamin B2 4,000mg

Vitamin B6 4,000mg

Vitamin B12 50,000mg

Biotin 75,000mg

Nicotinamide 35,000mg

Pantothenic acid 12,000 mg

Folic Acid 1,000mg

Vitamin C 50,000mg

Betaine 50,000 mg

L-carnitine 25,000 mg, Betaine 50.00 mg, Sorbitol 100,000 mg, Magnesium 2.5%.


Keep in a cool place. Avoid sunlight by keeping it in its original container.


Guaranteed activity for 24 months as long as it is stored in the original container and in adequate conditions.

Presentation: Liquid

Containers: 250 ml, 1 liter


Easily soluble in water.

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