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Serivit Latac (alto contenido en vitaminas A-D3-E)

Serivit Latac (alto contenido en vitaminas A-D3-E) Latac

Serivit Latac (alto contenido en vitaminas A-D3-E)
Serivit Latac (alto contenido en vitaminas A-D3-E)
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Multivitamin supplement A-D3-E
Vitamins are absolutely necessary for all animals, and most exposed shortcomings are, of course, those that are bred in captivity and can not freely choose their food.
In cage birds, despite procure a varied diet, often occur inadequacies of some essential vitamins.
Even not showing symptoms of vitamin deficiency, these deficiencies pose a greater sensitivity to various diseases and cause reproductive abnormalities: infertility, poor fertilization, embryo mortality, poor hatches, of which breeder, often fails to explain why.
It is difficult to determine exactly avitaminosis, moreover, often multiple. Therefore it is best regular SERIVIT administration, which also contains all the B vitamins are essential for the biological balance of the birds.
Dosage and method of use: Mix of 4-6 drops SERIVIT in a trough running water (40 ml) and water use as one or two days a week, preparing time. The packaging of 150 ml. the dosage is 1 cap for 2 liters of water. It is recommended, according to the times, simultaneous with SERIFEROL or SERIMUDA.
Drinking water must be prepared every day.
Target species: Canarios, pigeons and ornamental birds in general.

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