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SERI-A Latac (Vitaminas para pájaros blancos)

SERI-A Latac
SERI-A Latac (Vitaminas para pájaros blancos)
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Preventive treatment (transfers, competitions, breeding, etc.) Vitamin A
Lack of vitamin A causes a reduction of the defense capacity of the cells, which are covering all interior and exterior surfaces of the body, resulting in the emergence of centers of infection, especially in the eyes, respiratory system and digestive tract such as mouth and esophagus.
Also the lack of vitamin causes disorders in vision by queratiniciación of the cornea, which can lead to blindness. Lack of vitamin A can also be responsible for poor results in the period of breeding and incubation.
In the feeding of white canaries their contribution is essential, since lack of oxygenation of their pigmenting substances not assimilated the pro vitamin A from foods and discoloration of the skin, fat and feathers occurs.
The contribution of SERI-A as a food supplement is necessary if a discoloration of the recessive white plumage in canaries is observed. Outbreaks of infection in the skin or mucous membranes of the digestive tract (mouth and esophagus) and respiratory. Vision problems (lesions of the cornea) and loss of sense of balance. Preventive treatment during periods of stress (breeding, competitions, transfers, etc.) to prevent the emergence of foci of infection identified and promote the process of breeding and hatching.
Instructions: The SERI-A is supplied with drinking water. 6 drops 40 ml per drinker, changing the water daily. For larger quantities a plug ratio is 8 ml. per liter of drinking water (container cap 150 ml.). It is advised not to increase the indicated dose and maintain treatment until symptoms disappear or until the end of the rearing process or stress situations birds.
Composition: Vitamin A 600,000 U.l.

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