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Cometaves Bird - Condición, posición, dominante (comed jane)

Cometaves Bird - Condición, posición, dominante (comed jane) Comed - Jané
Cometaves Bird - Condición, posición, dominante (comed jane)
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Cometaves Birds - Condition - position - Dominant (eat jane)
Cometaves Bird is a special product that provides all the elements necessary to achieve and maintain an optimal way for all kinds of birds (canaries, exotic citácidos). Bird Cometaves 32 consists of: vitamins, trace elements, soy proteins and plant extracts to maintain intestinal balance bird so that the nutrients are better absorbed and more easily. His birds are active and brighter and better color feathers. In songbirds to sing increases.
Administer 5 g (1 cucharan cup full) of COMETAVES with 250 gr. food. Before, during and after the breeding period.
Small - 70 grams
Large - 300 grams

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