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Avi - Chol 250 ml (Tónico para el higado)

Avi - Chol 250 ml (Tónico para el higado)  Versele Laga - Oropharma

Avi - Chol 250 ml (Tónico para el higado)
Avi - Chol 250 ml (Tónico para el higado)
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Food supplement for optimal liver function and a perfect moult. Liver tonic based on sulfuric amino acids, biotin, vitamin B12 and sorbitol. It ensures optimal growth of plumage in birds, as well as correct pigmentation. It also promotes the elimination of residues of color pigments and medications.

Optimal liver function is crucial to the health of your birds. In young birds, when the body is still in full development, the liver is subjected to additional stress due to the increased need for energy, protein, vitamins, fats and hormones. During the molt, the plumage changes completely. All the necessary elements must be available in the correct proportions, and must be adequately supplied. Any deficiency will be visible in the poor quality of the feathers. The liver of your birds is also subjected to additional stress when colored pigments (colored canaries) are administered. The administration of medicines also puts stress on the liver of your birds. Hence the importance of administering a supplement that helps the liver. Avi-Chol contains the active components (methionine, choline, biotin, vitamin B12 and sorbitol) required for optimal liver function, resulting in perfect, shiny plumage and pigmentation.

How to use

2 bottle measures per liter of drinking water.

During moulting and show season: two to three times a week.

In case of administration of color pigments for plumage

two to three times a week.

To support the liver or after administration of treatment: 5 consecutive days.

Analytical components:

Nutritional additives: Vitamin B12 20 mg/kg, Biotin 20 mg/kg, Methionine 20,000 mg/kg, Choline Chloride 30,000 mg/kg, Technological additives, Preservative(s).

Composition: Liquid Sorbitol, Sucrose, Vitamins, Methionine

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