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Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL

Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL Higiene
Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL Higiene
Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL Higiene
Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL Higiene

Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL
Desinfectante liquido ZOTAL
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Large facilities that house animals such as kennels, pens or stables accumulate a high amount of bacteria, fungi and dirt due to the interaction between animals. To prevent the animals that live in these facilities, it is important to carry out disinfectant actions that keep the facilities in the best possible hygienic conditions.

Zotal G is a powerful disinfectant developed by Zotal laboratories that eliminates novice germs of all kinds and eliminates bothersome and unpleasant odors that form in livestock facilities. It is recommended that the application of Zotal G be carried out by professional personnel due to the composition and the powerful action of this product, but if it is carried out in a personal capacity, it is very important to follow the safety measures specified in the label to avoid complications and risks to one's own health.

Zotal G is a highly effective disinfectant to eliminate any trace of dirt in livestock facilities.


Eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving a clean and hygienic environment.

Its components favor disinfectant and bactericidal action.

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