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Teccox 500 ml |anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano

Teccox 500 ml |anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano Canariz

Teccox 500 ml |anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano
Teccox 500 ml |anticoccidiosico y antibacteriano
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Teccox 500 ml : anti-coccidian and anti-bacterial

It is effective against all types of bacteria, even acting against blackheads and mega-bacteria.

Solving the problems that occur in breeding and keeping the birds in perfect health.

Its composition, based on essential oil extracts (antibiotics of natural origin) and short and medium chain food fatty acids, allows it to be used all year round.

The excellent combination of natural essences (more than seven) with fatty acids (more than eight) ensures perfect intestinal function and optimum bird health, acidifying the intestine and effectively combating coccidia, improving food digestion and optimising nutrient absorption.

It allows and encourages the growth of the intestinal flora by stimulating the immune system and stabilising the water and electrolyte balance, reducing or eliminating diarrhoea. Protecting and promoting the development of basic intestinal villi for the correct functioning of the bird's intestine.


In the drinking water at the dose indicated on the label. TECCOX preserves water and food, allowing it to be consumed for longer. For solid foods that are moistened such as dry breeding pasta, cous cous, rusk etc.

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