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Vitamin and mineral supplement Bipal TOTAL 500 g

Vitamin and mineral supplement Bipal TOTAL 500 g
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Vitamin and mineral supplement Bipal TOTAL 500 g
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With TOTAL Biopal get:

1 - complete with anemia and other deficiency diseases currently suffering most birds in captivity and that the breeder does not decta.

2 - The chicks hatch and grow strong and vigorous.

3 - Eliminate digestive disorders, diarrhea therefore food (soft droppings).

4 - Improve the fertility of the parents.

5 - Quick Muda, born pens new, long, strong, dense and vigorously.

6 - Improve endurance in competitions.

7 - Save significantly on medication.

8 - About 20% more chicks.

9 - Increased resistance to disease and that enhances the bodys defenses.

10 - The birds stop eating their own droppings (the principle of much of infections).

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