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Terramix Ácaros 1 kg

Terramix Ácaros 1 kg
Terramix Ácaros 1 kg
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95 513 24 03
L-V: 8:00 - 18:00
RED louse final disposal in the aviary
Accordingly red mite:
Our birds nervousness, weight loss, reduced immunity against infection, mortality of chickens and breeding caused by anemia.
The piojillo is a tiny parasite capable of carrying viruses and germs.
TerraMix mites comprises a mixture of mineral and vegetable substrates 100% natural.
Being totally harmless product for our birds, including intake mode.
The cristalesmicrópicos mineral substrates are adhered in the cuticle, breaking the shell mite, resulting in instantaneous desiccation and death.
Method of application:
This application is performed by blowing means, introducing the product through all areas of the aviary, cages, perches, joists, walls, etc. Without any harm to our birds, feeding and watering.
We recommend its application with a dust blower. Simple and convenient way to distribute it. Reduce ventilation aviary least pretending to pose the product is distributed by all areas not accessible with the bellows. Repeat the application past seven days to break the reproductive cycle of piojillo.

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