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Liver protector, energy and digestive metaboliser.


It acts as a hepatic Detoxifier favouring the detoxification by means of endogenous enzymes, favouring the metabolism of the kidneys, detoxifying the blood and the liver, increasing the physical performance.

It promotes pancreatic, biliary and intestinal secretions.

It improves the digestibility of food, strengthening the intestinal flora.

 Improves nutrient assimilation and stimulates appetite.

Prevents and controls hepatic overload leading to fatty liver.

Improves performance in competitions.

Promotes muscle growth.

Optimises fat burning, which results in increased endurance.

Promotes the formation of new plumage during moulting.

Paloma Detox is based on natural products with choleretics, substances that increase the volume of bile secretion from the liver, as well as the amount of solids secreted, cholagogues is a medicinal agent that promotes the discharge of bile from the system purging it and antitoxic effect helping to mobilize the accumulation of lipids.

Botanically defined natural products, plant extracts that will act as organic antioxidants such as:

Silybum Marianum extract:

Published studies on milk thistle have revealed its mechanism of action and efficacy. The flavonoid-rich fruit of this plant contains three active ingredients (silybin, silychristin and silydianin) which form a hepaprotective complex known as silymarin.

Milk thistle can provide many benefits for treating health problems. Its most common use is for liver problems, helping with diseases such as cirrhosis, jaundice, etc.

Artichoke extract is choleretic (improves bile production through cholagogue promotes the discharge of bile from the system,

Detoxifying and diuretic. It has such a detoxifying activity that it helps animals in situations of nutritional stress such as: mycotoxins in feed, fats and heavy metals. It acts by reducing immunosuppression and improving production parameters.

Red vine leaf extract: a source of flavonoids which are considered to have beneficial effects including an anti-inflammatory action after competitions.

Vitamins, Provitamins and vitamin-like substances:

B, group, Choline, Inositol and-betaine are included helping to improve liver function and accelerating organic detoxification. Betaine transfers methyl groups, essential for RNA replication and for most detoxification reactions carried out in the liver. Inositol is required for proper formation of cell membranes, affects nerve transmission and aids in the transport of fats within the body. It is necessary for lecithin formation and functions closely with choline.

When to administer:

Productive stress.

In moulting season

In breeding

In the competition season

Instructions for use:

1 to 2 ml per litre of water or 3 ml per kg of ration.


- 500 ml bottle.

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