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Tabernil AD3E 100 ml

Tabernil AD3E 100 ml Tabernil
Tabernil AD3E 100 ml
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Tabernil A D3 E is a vitamin supplement that is administered in the drinking water . This especially recommended for canaries and ornamental birds in general. Symptom Decreased sexual instinct , unviable eggs, sterility in males , infertility in females . CausaEstados deficiency due to deficiencies in the supply or excess demand for vitamins A and D3 and dose E.Administración
Be added to drinking water at the dose of 4ml per liter of water , this dose is equivalent to 4 drops per 40 ml .
It is recommended to start 20 days before mating , continuing until the end of the start cycles of 5 days of treatment and 10 days off.
Do not forget to renew the medicated water daily. composition
  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamins D3 .
  • Vitamin E.

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