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Serimax Cria (condición reproductiva óptima)

Serimax Cria (condición reproductiva óptima) Latac
Serimax Cria (condición reproductiva óptima)
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Serimax Breeding

SERIMAX is a balanced blend of amino acids and trace elements, enriched with B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin A, C and D.

Vitamin E is a powerful biological antioxidant that protects tissues and organs from damage caused by oxidation, pollution or solar radiation, participates in the process of formation of immune cells and red blood cells.

It ensures good song quality and can also promote fertility and provide breeding birds with an optimal reproductive condition.

B vitamins contribute to the function and maintenance of the nervous system, and also help the birds' bodies to extract energy from the the birds' organism to extract energy from the food supplied, favoring growth and maintenance of all tissues. all tissues. Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5 in particular is very effective in coping with stressful situations of competitions and can reduce tiredness or fatigue.

Of the amino acids included in the formula, methionine is essential for the formation of collagen used to form the skin, feathers and feathers. skin, feathers, and all the tissues responsible for singing in birds. It also helps to reduce the level of inflammatory histamines.

Especially indicated for use during the breeding period of canaries and finches and for all types of ornamental birds.

ornamental birds. It provides excellent growth and optimum health to young birds.

SERIMAX improves breeding results and the general condition of the birds that consume it.


Ornamental birds in general.


Stimulate optimal development of cage birds and correct their vitamin levels to obtain a good state of health during growth. of health during growth.


Administer in the breeding paste or feed. During breeding or as a year-round vitamin supplement. Newborn chicks: 10 g per kg of brood paste, during the first 21 days of life.

Adults: 10 kg per kg of feed for 5-6 consecutive days.

For PERIQUITES, COTORRAS, PARROTS, etc. double the indicated dosage. Dosage cup, 15 ml equals to 10 g approx.

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