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Seri-Vit Polvo 40 grs (fertilidad y celo)

Seri-Vit Polvo 40 grs (fertilidad y celo) Latac
Seri-Vit Polvo 40 grs (fertilidad y celo)
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Vitamins are absolutely necessary for all animals, and those most exposed to deficiencies are, naturally, those that are bred in captivity and cannot freely choose their diet.

In cage birds, despite providing them with a varied diet, there are often insufficient deficiencies of some essential vitamins. Even when symptoms of vitamin deficiency do not appear, these deficiencies entail a greater sensitivity to different diseases and cause frequent anomalies in reproduction: sterility, poor fertilization, embryonic mortality, poor hatching, of which the breeder, many times, cannot explain the reason.

It is difficult to determine exactly an avitaminosis which, on the other hand, is usually multiple. For this reason, the most indicated is the regular administration of SERI-VIT, which contains essential vitamins for the functioning, protection and maintenance of the body's tissues, essential for the biological balance of the birds.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE AND DOSAGE: Mix 5-10 g per kg of food. Administer for three weeks before mating and until the end of laying, alternating 7 days of treatment with another 7 days of rest. Measuring cup, 15 ml is equivalent to approximately 10 g.

INDICATIONS: Stimulates the sexual instinct, improves fertility, reduces the number of clear eggs and dead embryos. Strengthens the defenses of birds against diseases. Helps prevent stress and recovery in sick birds

TARGET SPECIES: General ornamental birds.

COMPOSITION: Lactose and sucrose;

ADDITIVES (per 100 g of product):

Vitamins, provitamins and chemically defined substances with a similar effect:

(3a672a) Vitamin A …………………… 600,000 IU

(3a700) Vitamin E …………………… 250 mg

(3a671) Vitamin D3 ………………… ..100,000 IU

Excipients, c, s

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