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Nature herb bird mix 1

Nature herb bird mix 1 Cría y celo
Nature herb bird mix 1
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NATURE HERB BIRD MIX 1 is a mixture of natural herbs conceived and created by the Dutch breeder Andres Van Den Berg. Specially designed blend 1 with 40 different herbs to keep birds in excellent health but also to give them the right condition and the right vitamins before and during breeding.

The 100% organic herbal mixture has already been successfully tested by him for many years on his birds. not all 100% organic.

Three mixtures specially designed and dosed according to the needs of the birds at different times. For example, we give nettle only in the period of preparation and breeding, not in winter.

Mix 1: period of preparation and reproduction

Mix 2: moulting period

Mix 3: winter period

Ingredients: bee pollen, chlorella, spirulina, broccoli, thyme, nettle, cinchona, dandelion, ginger, oregano, almonds, garlic, propolis, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, turmeric, brewer's yeast, aronia berries, mint, icelandic seaweed, pau d'arco, red maca, black maca, yellow maca, razor moss, alfalfa leaf, rosemary, marigold, mallow, burdock root, artichoke, basil, summer wormwood, black walnut shell, carnation cloves, echinacea, milkthistel, leuzea root, horseradish, sesame seed powder

How to use: 5 grams in 1 kg of seeds / feed for 2 or 3 times a week

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